Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Georgia Grace's First Haircut

We celebrated another first yesterday as we gave Georgia Grace her first haircut. This was probably long overdue (despite her age) considering she had some strands that were about eight inches long. But this momma just wasn't ready.
And then I remembered some words of advice that my mamaw Carolyn has told me for years and years. She encourages us to be happy and thankful for the good things in life, not sad and mournful. As bad as I wanted to shed tears because this meant she was growing up I fought back the temptation and instead thanked God for allowing us to reach this milestone.
Such strong, convicting words for a mother that is trying to savor every moment of my life with my baby before she is no longer dependent on me. I have to write those words on my heart because I forget them so easily!

Georgia Grace was such a good girl and just sit and let gram trim away (until the last few seconds when she decided enough was enough ha!). I've heard horror stories of first haircut experiences so I'm glad ours was uneventful.
We mainly just trimmed everything up to make it all even and cut her bangs so they will stay out of her eyes. She will greatly appreciate this!! 

Her first locks

Georgia Grace and her new 'do! We are calling it "the bob" :) It amazes me we cut her hair at just nine months old and she still has enough hair for a bob. This girl was blessed with the hair gene.
A back view. It is soooo adorable! We love it. But it does make her look older and her face looks rounder and fatter ha!

Our first haircut is in the books. Grandmomma did a great job and I'm so thankful she was the one that gave her the first trim. I'm hoping by cutting her hair so early it will make it healthier and thicker when she is older. Not that she needs any help in the thickness department!

My baby has reached another milestone and we have so many more to look forward to! I can't wait!