Friday, August 23, 2013

Five On Friday

FRIDAY! It is so good to see you again, you're my favorite by the way! My Five On Friday is about our transition to the new season. We're welcoming football and the school year back, switching out seasonal clothes, gearing up for the big winter wedding, and enjoying our favorite summer fruit before they are gone until next year. Such a fun time for change and progress!
Tonight we are taking Georgia Grace to her first football game! Our high school team opens up their season at home and it's a blackout to compliment their new black uniforms this year. We LOVE all things football-Friday Night Lights, SEC Saturday, and NFL Sundays. Tonight should be a lot of fun-Go Bears! 

Back To School
Wednesday night our church had a Back to School Bash that we attended . It was geared more for school-age kids of course but we still had fun fellowshipping with everyone and enjoying some good food. And this is what happens when your dad watches your daughter for you-she sits in the middle of the table and eats homemade ice cream! You think she's just a little doted on? 

Winter Wedding
I found Georgia Grace's shoes for Aunt Paige's wedding yesterday!!! Oh these tiny pieces of gold awesomeness make my heart so happy. No dress yet, but the shoes are a done deal. You know you are a girl mom when you buy the accessories before the outfit ha! I'm hoping this purchase is a sign that we can start making some decisions. My sister (and the rest of us) have been so indecisive. And we have less than four months...

Ruffle Pants & Cardigans
This week I set out to organize and sort through ALL of Georgia Grace's clothes. I had not developed an effective system for storing bigger clothes I have bought for Georgia Grace to grow into and clothes she has outgrown that I'm storing for baby #2. So I decided to start from scratch and develop a new system which meant hours of work and lots of piles. I had a wonderful little helper who quickly destroyed neat, labeled piles for me :) Really sped up the process.

But it was all worth it when I came across outfits like this that I've bought and forgot about! It's like buying them all over again. I'm going to have a hard time waiting until December to put this on her.

Bye Bye Peaches
I live in a small town. A small town where a fruit/vegetable stand is sat up in the middle of town that is ran on the honor system. No one mans the booth, you just put your money in a slot and take your farm fresh goodies! I LOVE this. When people ask me why I want to live in a small town this is one of my reasons. I bought probably our last bushel of peaches for the year yesterday and they were oh so juicy and delicious. Our family will definitely miss having fresh peaches in the house.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. #5 is so perfect! I miss my small (ish) Bama town!

    1. I know right?!? Some days it can be so aggravating but then things like this put it in perspective. :) Thanks for finding me!

  2. those shoes are perfect! I think we bought 4 pairs of shoes for my daughter before finding the dress for my sister's wedding; it's the most fun! And even then, I convinced my sister to let her wear the dress I found that matched a headband I bought her that I couldn't find anything to match to haha God bless it.

    I live in a small town too and love it for very similar reasons (=

    1. Haha you sound like me, I could totally do the same thing! It's all about the accessories :) Thanks for finding me!

  3. Hello! I'm Amy. Popping over from FOF. Oh, my! Those shoes! :) I am much like you - buy the accessories before the outfit, forget about the cute little things already bought, and experience LONG sessions of baby organization thanks to a ten-month-old helper. Happy weekend!
    Amy @

    1. Hi Amy! Glad you found me :) There's nothing sweeter than baby shoes, right?!? They are my weakness.