Sunday, June 30, 2013

Georgia Is Eight Months Old!

Georgia-you are EIGHT months old!

This months has been jam packed full of milestones. Here's the latest:
  • I honestly have no idea how much you weigh and I haven't been very good at guessing ha! I will say 17 pounds. I'm proud to say we haven't had a reason to go to the doctor so our most recent stats are from your 6 month well baby check-up. You are probably 27 inches.
  • BIG news-you are crawling! You started crawling this month but there wasn't a "Look-she's crawling!!" event. It just kind of happened. You've practiced for a long time and you still haven't crawled more than 3-4 feet but you sure find a way to get around.
  • You want to pull up on EVERYTHING. There's no sitting still with you my child. I may never have to join a gym again! :)

  • You are taking four 7-8 ounce breastmilk bottles per day plus eating baby food two times per day. Your favorite foods are oatmeal + yogurt and sweet potatoes.
  • You like to drink out of a sippy (more like just pretend) and you like for us to syringe feed you water ha!
  • You love your baths and swimming! You would stay in both for hours if we let you.
  • You are cutting your two bottom teeth! They are not fully exposed yet but we can see them and bless your heart you just haven't felt the best. I found them last week and looking back you have been clingy and cranky. You haven't drooled at all which was the symptom I was looking for. And no fever. This too shall pass!
  • Your eyes are really starting to look brown now! Yay!
  • Our sleeping schedule has been thrown off since you started teething. Some nights you are exhausted and crash at 8pm and some nights you stay up and rally until 11pm. We are just rolling with the punches right now.
  • You love to be sung to. "Tammy" from Tammy and the Bachelor is your absolute favorite. That song has been sung to many generations in the Harrison family and it's holding true to its effectiveness. You also love the Hotdog song from MMC and "Song of the South".
  • You aren't the best traveler right now. We think maybe the 10 hour trip home from Florida is still lingering in the back of your mind ha! We are going to get you a bigger carseat and we hope that will do the trick.
    {teething stinks}
Wow-8 months. You're cutting teeth, crawling, pulling up. So independent. We love you so much baby girl and can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will be like for you. 
Happy 8 months to our GGH!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five On Friday

I am linking up again this week at The Good Life Blog for some Five On Friday fun! There are so many exciting things going on right now. Life is good!

And so it begins....Georgia Grace has mastered pulling herself up. And when I say mastered it I mean she wants to practice it all the time to reach proficiency ha! Notice Owen keeping a watchful eye. I've about decided he does not trust our parenting abilities.

Taking a quick break to pet Owen

And then he decided to become a doggy pillow in case she took a tumble. Best doggy brother of the year award goes to you, O-man!
I know this is one step closer to walking and that scares me to death. Ready or not, momma...

"Georgia was here" HA!
This was Wednesday night at church. We like leaving our mark everywhere we go. 

This may be TMI for some but "It's my party blog and I can cry talk about breastfeeding if I want to" :). Starting next week I am starting the weaning process. I have counted all the breastmilk bricks that I have scattered in deep freezes amongst our families and I should have enough frozen to get her through her first birthday. Unbelievable, I know! I have a supply that is every mother's dream. Several bf'ing moms have recommended gradual weaning to help prevent mastitis and pain so that's what I am going to do. Buh-bye, breastpump!!! To storage you go!

Fun news-the Murphy Hidden Valley Golf Resort residence are getting a pool! After many years of debating they finally caved to my begging suggestion that they had a perfect backyard for a pool and how much they would enjoy it. They will be breaking ground in the next two weeks and it should take two weeks to complete so we will get to enjoy it this summer! I'm over the moon about it. Georgia Grace loves water so this will be so nice being able to let her swim while she is at Gammy and Gran Stan's. I am also reading between the lines when I see this as a ploy to entice my siblings to come home more often ha! We will see if they bite on the bait :) 


Speaking of pools, today Georgia and her baby buddy Abbott had a pool date! They had a big time splashing, reaching over the side to play (and eat-Georgia) in the grass, funneling water in their mouths with toys (Abbott ha!), and reaching for the other's hair/bow. They were so funny. I'm glad Aunt Rachel brought Abbott over to play with us today. The first of many play dates I'm sure!

This weekend will feature a cookout, fishing, and a 4th of July kickoff event. Bring on the food and fellowship! Happy weekend, friends!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Month Portraits Finale

A few (I am lying, it's more than a few) more photos that I just had to share on the blog! There are 212 to choose from. Do you realize the level of anxiety I felt when I sat down to order these? I was a mess. But they are ordered and I couldn't be happier with them!

biscuit legs ;)

This attempt was a hoot but I looooove this one!

Be still my heart.

Pattycake in a baby carriage-COME ON!

There's just something about a baby girl in a bonnet

I never get tired of looking at these. Just some special things to note:

1. The quilt we are using was made by my great-grandmother Thelma McCoy
2. The ducky and monkey in the carriage picture was mine and Marcus' favorite stuffed animals when we were little. The sock monkey was handmade by Marcus' great grandmother Essie Flener, he was the last grandchild to receive one due to her hands no longer being able to make them. Such a special special piece.
3. I made the dress she is wearing in the last picture :)

This was such a fun shoot and I can only imagine how amazing her one year photos will be! I hope we take our precious time getting there.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Friday so Georgia Grace and I spent the day at home while daddy attended Professional Development training. Last week felt extra long so I was glad to just spend time at home doing a whole lot of nothing.

I was experimenting with different breakfast concoctions and found something that Georgia Grace absolutely loves. It's oatmeal, breastmilk, and baby yogurt (she is SO my child!). She wasn't crazy about the baby yogurt by itself and she gets bored of oatmeal but when I fed them to her mixed together it made her so happy! She clapped her hands and her feet was just a going. Mommy gets an A+ for that discovery!

Saturday we had a pool day and I did not take one picture. I must confess pool days with a baby are hard. By the time you inflate floats, lather on lotion, feed her, change into swimmy diaper and put on swimsuit you've already invested a good amount of time and you haven't even left the house. She lasted about 15-20 minutes and then she was ready for a nap. She usually lasts a lot longer than that but we didn't time it just right. It's all about timing! I'm sure we will perfect it the last weekend of the summer HA!

Sunday Eric (my sister's bf), my dad, Marcus, and my papaw took a fishing trip to Lake Malone to catch some fish for our friend's fish fry next weekend. Please note the rainbow of Columbia PFG shirts. Three unplanned, one didn't want to feel left out (papaw HA!). My dads and papaw's are past fathers day gifts so I think I did well with those gifts. The super moon was supposed to provide superb fishing conditions and it did not disappoint. The fishermen caught 76! We will be eating good next weekend.

My baby girl is getting so big. Just this weekend I found her pulled completely up to her feet in her crib AND she started waving. I love watching her learn and grow but a part of me gets a little sad when I see her accomplish new things that shows her independence and self sufficiency. Why can't they stay babies forever?!?

Georgia Grace and I hung out at mamaws while the fishermen were at the lake. She loved swinging on their front porch swing. There's not much she doesn't enjoy that is outdoors. She's showing off her painted toenails in this picture :)

Swing naps are the best naps

We think my sister is part indian (I kid) and she just got back from a week at the beach so she was dark as a tick! We had to get a picture to compare two extremes. They may have opposite color skin right now but they sure are alike in other areas. We have loved having Paige home this weekend and we are going to be so sad when she moves in a few weeks (sniff sniff). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying sweet summertime!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five On Friday

Today I am linking up here to join the Five On Friday party! This event is perfect for me. I love a good list and I love random.

So I'm excited about an event that comes around every year in my hometown-the Catfish Festival. It is our county fair and I always have a blast seeing folks I haven't seen in a while (or since the last CFF ha!). Bet you didn't know this but my town is known as the "Catfish Capital of the World"-such a high honor ;-). The festival includes a fishing tournament (of course), terrapin race, live bands, road race, beauty pageants, golf scramble and more. You can find the schedule of events here.  If you are local, get out and support our community. It's as redneck and country as it gets but that's what makes it fun. :)

I have been feeding Georgia Grace sweet potatoes a lot here lately because the orange foods seem to be her favorite. I will sing "Song of the South" to her while I am feeding her and she will just laugh and laugh! And only when I sing that song. She is southern through and through!

I have been on Pinterest for a long time but just recently started using it again. I love pinning ideas on my new board-Forever Home. We are in the VERY early planning stages and really we are just gathering ideas right now. But this new revamped Pinterest addiction is not helping me be patient!

We are trying to plan a trip to St. Louis to see this guy pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals!!! We went to high school with Keith and he was called up in May and we are dying to go see him play. It's just so surreal to know someone that is in the MLB! Our town is super small (like 3 traffic lights small) so to have someone born and raised here succeed like this is so inspiring! Our town is so proud of him. We are officially St. Louis Cardinal fans now.

Meet the newest additions to our kitchen! They are mason jar canisters-genius. And they are HUGE. Like 10 pound bag of sugar huge. I have been on the search for canisters for a while and nothing I found suited me until my Instagram friend Holly posted a picture of hers and I had to have them. I just love them. These are definitely pieces that will go with us to our forever home. I'm in hopes they will unleash my inner Martha Stewart-I'm sure Marcus is hoping for that too!

Happy weekend, y'all! We plan on taking advantage of the summer solstice by being outside as much as we can. I'm off today and I think the pool is calling our name!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Month Portraits

{Just a little bloggy housekeeping- I know some of you have tried to leave comments and have been unsuccessful. And some of you have left comments with google+ and now they have disappeared. I just disabled my google+ which should make it easier to post comments-hallelujah! Oh google+, you devil you. I think I finally have all the kinks out-sorry for any confusion, folks!}

Our pictures from Georgia Grace's six month photo shoot are finished and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM. Julia of Julia Christopher Photography captured my daughter like only she can. They are perfection in my opinion. Oh I just can't stop looking at them!

Y'all I am so proud of this picture. The floppy hat, the quilt (that my great-grandmother Thelma McCoy made), the blue stormy sky, the wheatgrass, and of course my beautiful baby girl holding a Georgia peach. I can't get this one printed and mounted on a wall fast enough.

These were our first professional pictures as a family of three and she knocked it out of the park on the first swing. I love how proud Georgia Grace looks in this picture ha! This one I will cherish forever.

Those eyes just melt this momma's heart.

This is how my girl is 95% of the time! She is such a happy and smiley baby. And she loves the camera I think ;-)

Daddy's girl and momma's world.

Such a timeless picture. Love those little hands.

Love the way Marcus is looking at her in this one

There are more but I wanted to go ahead and post the ones I have seen already. I am hoping to have them all this weekend. Thank you Jules for exceeding our expectations time and time again!