Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back To Normalcy

I am thankful I planned for a full weekend to recover from our trip and to get our house back up and running because I definitely needed it. Packing and unpacking for a 7 month old is no joke! I think everything is back in its proper place and the luggage is back in storage ready to go for our next trip!

This weekend Georgia Grace went to our friend Morgan's birthday party and got to ride/sit on a horse for the first time! That's Georgia with beautiful Allie and Allie's horse Willie. GGH didn't actually ride it but we couldn't miss a good photo-op. Grandma and Aunt Shanna took her to the party for me so I could get some housework done and I think she had a ball! She even tried her first icee! No flavor, just ice, and she loved it! I see frequent trips to Sno Shack and Sonic on these warm summer evenings in our future.

Sunday we went to church with Marcus' family to celebrate grandmomma being awarded the Methodist Woman of the Year for the Butler County Chapter! It is a great honor and she is SOOOO deserving. It was all a surprise so she was shocked when they said her name. I'm thankful for this lady and what she means to my little family. Georgia Grace is blessed to have a grandmother in her life that loves her so much.

Marcus and Grandmomma. Such a special day for her and I'm sure one she will never forget.

And this is a picture back from Memorial Day but it hadn't made its way to the blog yet so I am posting it today. Isn't this precious?!?!? If these babies end up dating down the (LONG) road we have plenty of cute pictures to taunt them with!

This week is VBS at our church and Marcus is teaching a class and Georgia and me plan on going Thursday to join in on the fun. Please pray for souls to be saved in this most important week for children in our community!

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