Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Month Portraits Finale

A few (I am lying, it's more than a few) more photos that I just had to share on the blog! There are 212 to choose from. Do you realize the level of anxiety I felt when I sat down to order these? I was a mess. But they are ordered and I couldn't be happier with them!

biscuit legs ;)

This attempt was a hoot but I looooove this one!

Be still my heart.

Pattycake in a baby carriage-COME ON!

There's just something about a baby girl in a bonnet

I never get tired of looking at these. Just some special things to note:

1. The quilt we are using was made by my great-grandmother Thelma McCoy
2. The ducky and monkey in the carriage picture was mine and Marcus' favorite stuffed animals when we were little. The sock monkey was handmade by Marcus' great grandmother Essie Flener, he was the last grandchild to receive one due to her hands no longer being able to make them. Such a special special piece.
3. I made the dress she is wearing in the last picture :)

This was such a fun shoot and I can only imagine how amazing her one year photos will be! I hope we take our precious time getting there.


  1. Awwwww.... you posted some of the ones that I love as well. Can't wait to see baby girl in five more months! love you

    1. Yes there's no way I was leaving these out of my blog books!! :) You wouldn't believe the amount of people that have told me the floppy hat peach picture looks like a magazine cover. You nailed it!!! See you soon, love you!

  2. Can you do a baby style post? I would love to know where you order her adorable bows and her little shoes are to die for cute:) The pictures are stunning and you have such a beautiful family! Love them all <3

    1. Hi Darcy! I would love to do that, I will try to arrange that :) You will be shocked at how thrifty I am! Thanks so much, I'm glad we found each other through social media!!