Saturday, June 8, 2013

Georgia Grace's 1st Beach Vacation

We are home from a wonderful vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida! We had the most relaxing, stress-free and fun week. It was hard to pack up and come home. I took the week off from blogging so this post will be extra long with oodles of pictures.

We stayed at Calypso Beach Resort and this was our view for the week. Life was grand! After the adventure we had coming down we saw this when we entered our condo that made it all worth while. We had a flat tire that had to be taken to a body shop & replaced, Marcus got stung by a bee 3 times at a rest stop, & we had to endure bumper-to-bumper traffic. But Georgia Grace was the best baby despite all the obstacles. She played with toys, drank her milk, watched MMC and laughed and talked the whole way. She's the best! Now for the marathon of beach pictures...

Daddy & Georgia heading to the beach for the 1st time

My baby in the sand! She would have went hog wild in it if we would have let her. And her swimsuit may be my favorite thing I have bought her. It is swimwear perfection!

Having so much fun!

Yes, she's wearing a bow at the beach :). She wore her floppy hat the whole time to protect her from the sun but it was overcast this morning. Thankfully I don't think she got any sun! We tried hard to keep her out of it as much as possible and lathered sunblock religiously.

She would NOT look at me for a picture. She was way too busy playing and eating sand.

She wasn't feeling the ocean. I think it was too loud for her. Maybe next year.

Spitting out sand ha!

Maybe my favorite picture from the trip. You don't get any happier than this girl.

Gammy and Georgia at our favorite restaurant in PCB-Angelo's.

Family picture in front of the 20,000 lb bull. This is a tradition dating back to before I can even remember. I love this picture!

This girl is fearless!

Beachin' it with mommy! I caught her mid-jabber :)

My two favorites

Gran Stan helping GGH get dried off after playing in her "ocean"

The perfect place to nap

So we had a fake plant in our condo that Georgia LOVED. She gravitated toward it instantly and we spent a lot of time trying to keep her out of it ha! She successfully ripped out a few branches and pulled it over on her a couple of times. She is a wild indian!

Playing hard in her own "ocean". Having her own kiddie pool at the beach was a smooth move on our part. She was able to stay cool and shaded. I would recommend any mom with a baby to do this!

I was SO glad she loved the beach.

Marcus had a pre-existing sunburn from Kentucky, so he spent a lot of time with his shirt on and in the shade ha! Georgia didn't mind that one bit.

Can't get enough of this beauty 

Lovin' on daddy and sticking her tongue out ha!

Family picture on the beach with tropical storm Andrea in the background. Thankfully the storm stayed east of us so we weren't affected by it. We love this picture except Marcus' wind-blown hair :)

Grinning from ear to ear. Her swimsuit was from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna when they went on their honeymoon-it's the sweetest!

Her 1st sandcastle-daddy helped :)

Enjoying a "cheeseburger in paradise" at Margaritaville. We met the Jenkins family there and had a great time and GREAT food. They had a girl on stilts walking around making balloons and even baby Georgia got one! We were praying it wouldn't pop...thankfully it didn't.

A precious picture on the Pier. My baby loves the camera.

Pool day with my babe

Our friends Dennis and Jennifer Robbins let us borrow their son Jace's pool float and it was big hit! Thanks to them for letting us use it.

Fun in the pool with daddy. She majorly loves him!

We like big hats and we cannot lie :)

As southern as it gets, folks! Maybe we can wear these to derby next May...

Mamaw Carolyn enjoying herself pool side. I am so thankful for her, my mom, and Stan for relieving us from some of our parental duties this week. It was nice to have 3 extra pair of hands for diapering, bathing, feeding, and playing.

The gang minus Marcus who was behind the camera. I loved how the pool was right on the beach and that there was no fence in between. Paradise!

Our last night shopping at Pier Park and modeling her dress from Hawaii!! Thanks Aunt Rhonda!

Georgia's week in a collage-total beach babe!

And that's a wrap! It was good to come home to see O-dog and our other family who we really missed. This will be a trip we will never forget. And I'm already planning our next vacation! :)

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