Sunday, June 30, 2013

Georgia Is Eight Months Old!

Georgia-you are EIGHT months old!

This months has been jam packed full of milestones. Here's the latest:
  • I honestly have no idea how much you weigh and I haven't been very good at guessing ha! I will say 17 pounds. I'm proud to say we haven't had a reason to go to the doctor so our most recent stats are from your 6 month well baby check-up. You are probably 27 inches.
  • BIG news-you are crawling! You started crawling this month but there wasn't a "Look-she's crawling!!" event. It just kind of happened. You've practiced for a long time and you still haven't crawled more than 3-4 feet but you sure find a way to get around.
  • You want to pull up on EVERYTHING. There's no sitting still with you my child. I may never have to join a gym again! :)

  • You are taking four 7-8 ounce breastmilk bottles per day plus eating baby food two times per day. Your favorite foods are oatmeal + yogurt and sweet potatoes.
  • You like to drink out of a sippy (more like just pretend) and you like for us to syringe feed you water ha!
  • You love your baths and swimming! You would stay in both for hours if we let you.
  • You are cutting your two bottom teeth! They are not fully exposed yet but we can see them and bless your heart you just haven't felt the best. I found them last week and looking back you have been clingy and cranky. You haven't drooled at all which was the symptom I was looking for. And no fever. This too shall pass!
  • Your eyes are really starting to look brown now! Yay!
  • Our sleeping schedule has been thrown off since you started teething. Some nights you are exhausted and crash at 8pm and some nights you stay up and rally until 11pm. We are just rolling with the punches right now.
  • You love to be sung to. "Tammy" from Tammy and the Bachelor is your absolute favorite. That song has been sung to many generations in the Harrison family and it's holding true to its effectiveness. You also love the Hotdog song from MMC and "Song of the South".
  • You aren't the best traveler right now. We think maybe the 10 hour trip home from Florida is still lingering in the back of your mind ha! We are going to get you a bigger carseat and we hope that will do the trick.
    {teething stinks}
Wow-8 months. You're cutting teeth, crawling, pulling up. So independent. We love you so much baby girl and can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will be like for you. 
Happy 8 months to our GGH!

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