Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teeth and Thunder

I love the 4th of July. It is the heart of summer and I love everything about the holiday. We started celebrating early this year which was fine with me. I jump at any opportunity to be patriotic and festive!

Saturday Marcus and my dad went bass fishing so myself, Georgia Grace, Paige, and my mom had a girls day! I found sweet girl this flag bikini on eBay for $5 shipped! It was adorable on her. Funny story- I hung out her swimsuit bottoms on the clothes line after she finished swimming to dry. Our little neighbor boy and church friend Hollis spotted them and said, "Look-Georgia Grace's bloomers are hanging on the line!" HA! We all got a kick out of that.

She loves her little pool. The best $6 ever spent :)

We had a fun day just hanging out. We swam, strolled, ate Subway for lunch, and had girl talk. It was leisurely and just what we needed!

Saturday night we went to a 4th of July parade in our town. Storms were on the way but we took a chance and walked up town and barely made it back home before the rain started coming down. It was fun visiting with friends and family. Georgia's teeth were starting to hurt her by the end of the parade though, bless her heart.

Sunday morning before church-decked out in our red,white, & blue
This picture is funny because Georgia Grace appears to be pointing to her mouth which sums up the weekend. Her bottom two teeth have broke the skin and she has been irritable (at times) and super clingy (don't mind that symptom at all!!). I hate to see her in pain. She seemed normal yesterday and has been great today so I am hoping it is behind us! I will try to get a picture of those precious little teethers soon! She's pretty stingy about letting us see them right now.

Sunday night we attended the 10th annual "Thunder Over Grancer" festivities. It is a fish fry our good friends the Givens family host each year that we really enjoy. I didn't take many pictures, guess I was too busy enjoying myself :)

They had TONS of amazing food, swimming for the kiddos, singing, and fireworks to cap off the night! Georgia Grace loved watching everyone and sticking her feet in the pool. I brought her swimsuit but I thought it was a little cool for swimming-crazy I know! It definitely doesn't feel like July around here which I am not complaining about. She also loved the fireworks. I didn't know how she would handle it but my wild child watched them like they were not a big thing ha!  There is also video footage that Georgia Grace took her first bite of homemade ice cream while mommy had her back turned!! When the cats away... 

We have a lot of things to look forward to this week-1. July is here! Such a fun month for a family that follows an academic calendar ha! 2. The Catfish Festival is this week! 3. My sister and brother are going to be home! 4. I have a four day weekend!!!

Life is good!

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