Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our First Sickness

The debate between whether she was sick or just teething turned out to be no debate-my baby was sick! She has had a runny nose and just hasn't been herself for about three days. She has wanted to be held and would just lay around on us. Totally not Georgia's personality. Tuesday morning when she woke up Marcus said she was so stopped up she could barely eat and then that made her mad which led to major meltdown city. I can't blame her.
On Tuesday we started using a humidifier in her room, vaporub on her feet and chest, and I used a nasal aspirator a few times (I think this has potential to be really handy with future sicknesses but she hated it this go around). She had been getting up during the night crying and she wasn't eating as well as she normally does. We were considering a trip to the doctor on Tuesday but...
She is much much better today! Her nose has only ran a little bit and she has played and ate good all day. I could have cried I was so happy to see her smiling and back to our Georgia Grace! And her appetite seems to be bigger than ever. I guess she is making up for the few days she was lacking ha. And she is full of energy too. As I type this daddy, Owen, and Georgia Grace are all in our bed "rassling" with each other. I think she is going to be rough and tough. She won't be getting that from her momma! Praise the Lord our healthy baby is back.

And I couldn't not mention such a heart-warming event that took place this week-the birth of the prince! I just love Kate. She is the whole package. And now Kate is one of us-a mommy! :)

George and Georgia, sounds good to me. :)

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