Friday, July 12, 2013

iPhone Dump

Standing up in her crib at grandmomma's. This is how we find her most mornings. I love this little character!

She is pulling up on everything!! All her decisions seem to be based on if she thinks she can climb the object ha! And everyone looks just a little more adorable pulling up in a lobster romper.

This side table in our living room is one of her favorites. She will grab the knob and hoist herself up to a standing position and go through all the items in the little opening between the tabletop and cabinet door. Magazines, kleenex, pens-nothing is exempt from this girl!

Georgia Grace has spent a lot of the last two weeks poolside with Aunt Shanna, Grandma Harrison, and Grandmomma while they are on vacation from AKK. My daughter gives me major eyebrow envy! The perfect arch.

Look at those teethies coming in! Bless it that looks painful to me. She seems to be back to her happy, wild self now thank goodness.

Daddy and Georgia Grace surprised me Wednesday by showing up at my work to have lunch with me! I was beyond thrilled to see them and get to show off my baby doll to my colleagues. GGH loves visiting TLRMC and they love seeing her too. I let her play with my toy food in true dietitian fashion. It was a great visit. I love that my husband planned such a sweet mommy treat for me without it being a special occasion!

She loved my toy food so much she now has some at grandmomma's house. They caught her making a healthy choice-cucumber instead of a slice of pizza HA! She is her mother's daughter (but actually I probably would have chose the pizza).

Happy Weekend!

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