Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old, New, Borrowed & Cute

Something "old" that I have made "new to us" is this basket that I thrifted last weekend for 6 bucks! The handles were broken so I took those off and you could never tell they were ever there.

The basket made a perfect filing cabinet which we plan to use for Forever Home documents. So much cuter than a sterile filing cabinet. I might actually enjoy filing things in this.

Nah, it's not that cute.

Georgia Grace is the newest member of the Junie B. Kids' Reading Club! I signed her up a couple months ago and she received a newsletter and a book in the mail this week. She Mommy and daddy were excited about this piece of snail mail this week!

We transplanted boxwoods from Marcus' grandparents in August 2011 in hopes of the six plants growing together to form a solid hedge.

Nearly 2 years later we have our hedge! My mom was discussing landscaping for her pool the other day which jogged my memory to how much our "curb appeal" has changed since we bought our house. We went from waiting for shrubbery to grow to having to keep them cut back on a regular basis (which Marcus had done a few weeks prior and they already look unkept!). I love our little hedge and how it makes me feel like I have a green thumb.

And our cutest "new to us" item that is a big hit at the Harrison Homeplace is our new baby carrier! I totally want to be that mom that packs her munchkin around while she does housework. And Georgia totally wants to be that baby being packed around while mommy does housework ha! She absolutely loves it. How cute is she grinning ear to ear for a mommy/daughter selfie? She can be mad as a wet hen and we put her in this and all is right in the world again. I had a moby wrap and wasn't a big fan. I'm sure there is a learning curve and I probably didn't give it enough time but it was just too much hassle. By the time I got it all tied on we were both over it. This works much better for us. I only wish I had purchased it sooner. [I must add it was a total steal for $10 bucks on a classifieds list-woohoo!]


  1. I loved Junie B. Jones! That selfie is just precious, she is too cute!

    1. Me too! Surreal to think I have a daughter that will be reading the same books I did. Thank you! :))