Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

I'm finally taking time to post about the 4th of July holiday. It's been a rainy, uneventful long weekend. We would totally like to have a redo ha!
Here's our week/weekend in pictures:

Georgia's 1st Catfish Festival
I didn't take many pictures of the festival and we didn't attend it this year like we normally do. We are huge festival supporters normally but the rainy weather and the fact most of the events were held away from the park or scheduled at different times other than the week of the festival made it hard to enjoy. We love our county fair and would love to see it get back to its nostalgic tradition.

Red, white, & cute! Our little firecracker!

My little and me watching the GRCF fireworks. They did not disappoint! Now the flood we endured while watching them is a different story.

This picture is funny because it was taken prior to Nathan scaring Georgia half to death with a firework that went off on the ground (at their house Saturday night). But clearly she knew all along Nathan and fireworks don't mix ha!

We put Georgia Grace in a pageant this weekend. She didn't get anything but that's ok. There were a lot of beautiful babies there, glad I wasn't the judge. 

The two losers ha! 
The absolute farthest thing from it in my book. Love these two classy babies! :)

Gran-Stan taking the first dip in the new pool LOL! He's just a big kid. Couldn't resist the temptation. We had a cookout for my brother Cody this weekend who was visiting from Kansas. He flew back home today and my sister moved to Frankfort today. We are all a little sad around here.

We hung out with the Ross' Saturday night and I captured Rachel serving us homemade ice cream out her kitchen window! It's fun doing life with them.

Looking all patriotic practicing our new trick-waving! I milked this holiday week/weekend for all it's worth with red, white and blue attire. Cannot get enough.

Sweet church friends Sophia and Georgia. Sophia's mommy Amanda and I grew up in church together and now these two will get to do the same. And does it get any sweeter than baby girls in light blue smocked dresses? Nope!

Sunday=pool day at grandma and grandpa Harrison's. The only sunny day of the holiday weekend so we took advantage.

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I'm thankful to be an American and for all the freedom that goes with it. {Cue Lee Greenwood ha!}

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