Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Warrior & Wedding

Friday night we went to Rolling Oaks farm to visit Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna. They had us over for a cookout and some clay pigeon shooting. While we were there Nathan found this turtle in their yard so I had to get a picture of Georgia Grace with it! Look at my little priss touching it with one finger. She wasn't scared but she was very much a little lady about petting it. Our southern belle is a girly girl through and through. 

We had a fun night just visiting and being outdoors. I love their farm and how quiet and peaceful life is there. Owen had a hay day chasing the cows! I am praying for God's timing and provision for a larger place for our family to grow and call home some day.

Here was my weekend to-do list. I accomplished about 50% of it so I consider that a success. The carseat was installed and Georgia Grace took her first ride in it and did really well! She has strongly disliked riding since we got back from the beach so we are hoping a bigger carseat will do the trick. 

I stained an old adirondack chair that we have had for two years and never got around to-oops! The curtains are half done and the laundry soap supplies are all bought and now I'm just waiting to find time to put it all together. I am really excited about trying this laundry detergent recipe that you can find here. Feeling very June Cleaver and Michelle Duggar all rolled into one over here ;)

Saturday night we attended the wedding of our dear friends Sarah and Jim. The wedding and reception were perfectly "Sarah" and I loved every detail. Drinks were iced down in a canoe, chandeliers hanging from tree branches, pulled pork displayed in a suitcase---it was to die for! I cannot wait to see their wedding pictures and ooh and aah all over again.

Picture isn't great but it's the only one we got ha! Oh the joys of taking pictures with a wiggly 8 month old.

It was the perfect July evening for an outdoor reception. We have had such a mild July and I love it. Polar opposite to last July when everyday was nearly 110 degrees while I was wagging a 7 month pregnant belly...enjoy these days current mommy-to-be's!

My friend Brandy took this of my Georgia at the reception and I'm in love. My beautiful baby girl! This picture will always be special to me because of who it is from and when it was sent. Brandy's dad lost his battle with cancer tonight and my heart grieves for her. Randy has been in my prayers for such a long time. He fought so hard for so long and now The Lord has called Him home. Please join me in praying for this family.


  1. When is comes to riding in the car have you tried using the Ipad and showing her Mickey? This is what we do with Aimsley. If you have one of those mirrors that goes on the back of the seat so you can see Georgia while you drive, the Ipad fits perfectly in over the mirror! Or you can get some DVD players for about 50 bucks on Amazon!! Literally if it weren't for Mickey we wouldn't survive the car either!

    1. We did that on our beach trip but we haven't much on short trips but we might should give it a try. That's a great idea putting it over the mirror, thanks for sharing! Shannon videoed the Hotdog Song on her phone the other day and sent us all a copy so we have it handy if we are ever out and need Mickey :)