Sunday, July 28, 2013

Letting The World Go On Without Us

This weekend felt like we really scooted under the radar and I didn't mind it one bit. No big plans, no time table, no agenda. It was heavenly!

I had a three day weekend because on Thursday I co-coordinated a fish fry fellowship at my hospital. It turned out to be so much fun and we had a great turnout. My friend Robin and I were in event planning overload all day. We even went to her house to cut cattails when we realized we weren't going to have enough as the RSVP list grew. It's all about the details. This event reminded me of what an amazing organization I work for. I'm thankful God placed me at TLRMC.

Friday GGH and I hung out at the Hidden Valley Golf Resort while these two played nine holes. The sweetest story-Jagger, Marcus' student he has had for the past 3 years, called him Thursday to ask if he wanted to play golf with him. He had recently started taking lessons and wanted to show Marcus what he had learned. Is that not the cutest thing ever?!? The boys had a GREAT day. Both of them chipped in for birdies!

Mommy and baby chillin' and polka dot matching on the porch at Gammys. The pool is ALMOST ready! (insert gritted teeth emoji here-we are excited and READY)

Saturday we met my dad, my grandparents, and Paige and Eric at Garcias for lunch. Paige and Eric were in town for a wedding, we hadn't seen them in two weeks and Paige couldn't believe how much Georgia Grace had grown and changed! We love having them home.

The rest of our Saturday was spent at Lake Malone celebrating Marcus' birthday (early). Georgia stayed home with Grandma Harrison (thank you Shannon!), we didn't want to chance taking her since she had been under the weather at the beginning of the week. We (my dad) supplied the boat and they (Rachel's dad) supplied the cabin. Rachel took her first boat ride and first tube ride, the men caught 47 fish, and Rachel and me caught up on girl talk that was long overdue. The guys fished until dark and we ended the night with a good ol' wienie roast and a juicy watermelon (running down our chins of course). The weather was perfect for a lake day. We actually welcomed the fire once the sun set. It really felt like early fall instead of the dead of summer. We are loving these lake weekends!

This is one of the pictures I received while we were at the lake. It's too bad they didn't let her have any fun while she was there...

Today Georgia stayed in the church nursery for the very first time. Our cousins had nursery duty so I thought this would be a good test to see how she would do with people she was familiar with. They said she did great (doubt they would tell me otherwise though ha!) and even started reading her bible while she was in there! Our nursery starts them young :)

The rest of our Sunday was spent eating BBQ and homemade Heath bar ice cream (my all-time favorite) at Mamaw Carolyn's and exploring the church where my sister will be getting married in December!! They have set the date-December 14th, 2013! Five months! Ahh!!

I'm thankful for this low key weekend. I checked my phone sparingly, I never opened my planner and I don't believe we turned the TV on one time. We let the world go on without us. It was nice to just live in the moment without a care in the world.

My heart is full!

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