Friday, July 19, 2013

Growing Up

This post is completely devoted to my Georgia Grace and how quickly she is transitioning from a baby to a little girl (despite this momma's selfish attempt to keep her little forever).

It's not about her age because she is still technically a baby and for that I am grateful. It's about her independence and abilities. Marcus and I just sit back some nights and ask each other, "When did we get here?".

Today she said her first word!!! Well, we think ha! Now technically she has been jabberin "momma momma momma" and "dadda dadda dadda" for a long time but we knew she wasn't really saying those with purpose so I haven't counted those but today she said the word and we are confident she knew what she was doing.

The word? Crackle.

Yup, my baby's first word was crackle. And I'm sure you are wondering why so let me explain. When Georgia Grace was going through a period that she did not like having her diaper changed grandmomma started saying "Snap, Crackle, Pop" when she would button up the snaps on her outfits. That saying stuck with us and we still use it to calm her down, get her attention for a picture, etc.

So today Marcus and Aunt Shanna were saying it to her and she repeated it right back after they said it. It freaked both of them out! They said it was plain as day. 

Of course she wouldn't say it again for me when I got home and she may not say another distinguishable word for six months. But the first one is in the books! 

So congrats baby girl on saying your first word and for making it one of the most memorable, strangest words I can think of :)

This month she has really started using crawling as her means of transportation. If one of us are in the other room and she wants us off she goes. For the longest time she would crawl a few times and then kick out her right leg and rest. And then start the process all over again. Now, she's wide open and has really increased her speed. We have learned when she is wearing dresses (which is often) to tie them up in the back so she doesn't get "hung up" :)

She loves to be standing up. This is how we find her in the mornings and after nap time wearing the biggest most precious grin in the world. Who cares that the nap was only 20 minutes when this face awaits you!!

She can now sit unassisted on riding toys. This picture is just too much for me-where's my baby?!? 

As much as I want to keep her little I'm blessed that she is healthy and growing. I need to get use to this as bad as I don't want to. We are on our way to becoming a "big girl"!

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