Monday, September 30, 2013

Georgia Is Eleven Months Old!

Georgia-you are ELEVEN months old!

Here is what you have been up to lately:

  • You probably weigh 18-19 pounds, wear 9-12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, and size 2/3 shoes. I think your little feet are finally starting to catch up with you, they have really grown this month.
  • You can say "momma", "dadda", "pa", "yum yum", "up", and "bye bye". You blow kisses on command too! At first you were only blowing kisses to men but now everyone gets kisses from you.
  • You really hate having your diaper changed. It's usually a traumatic experience. I'm crossing my fingers this means you will potty train easy and early.

  • We had an issue at the beginning of the month where you would throw up every 2-3 days from getting choked on your bottle or food. We were concerned about it but your pediatrician said that he thought it was just a hypersensitive gag reflex that you inherited from daddy. You haven't had any issues in three weeks! So glad that is resolved.
  • You have 5 teeth-3 on top and 2 on the bottom. Teething has not been a big deal for you so far and I hope it stays that way.
  • You are starting to need more sleep because you are such a busy body. Most nights are 10 hours of sleep but you have had a few 12 hour nights. You continue to take a morning and afternoon nap that average out to be an hour each.

  • Your significant daily events:
August 30th: blew your first kiss to poppa<3
August 31st: visit back to Doctor's office for pulling at your ear
September 2nd: first time trying cheerios-one of your new favorite foods (just like your mommy at that age)
September 9th: blew a kiss to daddy for the first time
September 9th: your first billboard appearance!!
September 10th: Tooth #5!

September 11th: first flu shot
September 13th: started saying "Yum-Yum"
September 17th: tried mandarin oranges for the first time-you didn't like the sliminess so you spit it out but we tried again and you liked it then. (Side note to any fellow mommy readers-sometimes it takes a baby up to 10 times of trying a new food before they will accept it so don't give up too quickly! I have to remind myself of this.)
September 19th: blew bubbles for the first time
September 20th: repeated the word "yellow" very clearly
September 21st: first bonfire

  • You are eating three good meals and taking 4-8 oz breastmilk (thawed from frozen supply) bottles per day.
  • You prefer to feed yourself these days. We try to offer a combination of finger foods and spoon-fed foods at each meal to keep you happy and mommy happy.
  • Your favorite foods are CHEESE, cheerios, any fruit but bananas (you will eat them sometimes), apple juice, and bread. I hope you continue to be a good healthy eater!
  • You are so so so close to walking. When you are down in the floor playing you stand about 50% of the time. You are super cautious and you don't feel completely comfortable venturing out yet so you are content to just stand. When we walk you around by holding your hands you fly! You might go straight from standing to running.
  • You love to be outside. Funny story-your Gammy has been coming over in the afternoons before cross-country practice and takes you with her to see the kids. Well Gammy came to visit on Sunday and you were fussing and pointing to the door. We figured out you were wanting to go to XC practice! You are such a smart one.
  • You are a social baby and like to be the center of attention. If someone in the room is not paying attention to you you take care of that real quick by squealing at them or crawling to them. You will never want for nothin' :)
  • You love bath time, playing in Owen's doggy bowls (although that has stopped since we said the big "No" word), "reading" books, climbing, wrestling with Daddy and Owen, and playing with electronics. You like to be entertained!
  • As you can tell in your pictures your hair has gotten SO long and is starting to curl. Beyond precious. Your hair is still a dark brown and you are a brown-eyed girl now!

In one short month we will have celebrated your birthday and you will be a big one year old girl! I cannot believe it. I am constantly reminded that the days may be long sometimes but the years are so short. This past year has been the best year of our lives sweet girl! What was life like before you? We have experienced a love that we didn't know until we met you. And sorry sis but you are stuck with us forever because we are pretty crazy about you ;) 

Happy 11 months baby Georgia! Mommy and Daddy love you endlessly!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tops On Top

Saturday we had the opportunity to go watch the WKU vs. Navy game with our dear friends Ashley and James. Oh my goodness it was the perfect day for football. Plus we had awesome seats, food, and company. We were so glad they invited us and that we were free so we could go!

I looked for some Hilltopper gear for Georgia Grace and nothing I found thrilled me so I made her this onesie. It is adorable on her! Her little poochy belly fills it out nicely :) I tried to get a picture of her before the game with her mini football but the rocks in the landscaping won this battle...

"Put me in, Petrino"! I took this as she was standing up and it looks like she is getting down in position. Such a mess.

There's my sweet girl smiling for the camera. Oh my gracious she melts me!

Not only was the weather great but the game was too. We won 19-7! It was such an exciting game. We got to see old friends and meet some new people too. The dorm you see in this picture (Minton Hall) was my dorm when I stayed at WKU. I do not miss that living arrangement!

The hubs and me enjoying our seats in the Topper Club. James and Ashley are members so we got to join them and it was amazing! WKU has really stepped it up in the ballgame experience department.
(It was Military Appreciation Day so that's why I'm holding a random flag)

Ashley and me. I told her she looked like my little sis in this picture with my heels on and, well let's just say it, large and in charge top half HA! Motherhood folks. It changes you (sometimes for the better!).

Silly ol' EKU grad, WKU c/o '08, WKU c/o '09, and WKU c/o '10

The only one of us that remembered their towel and he waved it proudly

So this picture was a lot of fun!

We decided Georgia Grace would have a better time at home so Grandma Harrison kept her for us. I think from the pictures I received that she found plenty to get into. Every day is like a field trip for her! I'm so thankful for family that want and enjoy keeping her for us while we do mommy and daddy things.

We've had a great weekend but it's back to work tomorrow and tomorrow baby girl will be 11 months old! I need October to pass by VERY slowly please.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall At The Harrison Homeplace

It's been four days since I blogged and good ol' AT&T is to blame. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. Our wireless was out all day yesterday and my phone is finally starting to act right today. They are a thorn in my side! Anyway here is what has been going on around our house this week-lots of fall fun and decorating!

So the picture you see above is something I drive by everyday on my way home from work. It is a small Amish community that has a nursery and sells delicious baked goods (remember the saucer plate donuts?) I stopped Wednesday and bought some cinderella pumpkins and mums. I just love this picture. It seriously looks like a painting. Total God thing.

Speaking of pumpkins...look at what is growing in our backyard!! So funny story, last year after the fall season Marcus pitched our pumpkins and gourds in our backyard and we never thought another thing about it. Until about three months ago something started growing. And before we knew it a huge area was taken over by leaves and vines. Then Marcus remembered throwing the pumpkins and gourds back there and we realized we had our own pumpkin patch! And what better timing since we are having a 1st birthday pumpkin patch party for Georgia Grace! It looks like they are going to grow and be ready to pick at the perfect time. We actually already picked a few that were ready. Another God thing. I love how I can see Him in so many things this season! 

 I decided to just make a big collage of some of our fall decorations around the house. Almost everything is stuff we have used for the past several seasons. I made the "H" wreath two seasons ago and the other wreath is from our sweet family friend Esther. It is my favorite wreath and I always think of her when I hang it. The chevron pumpkin was a gift to Georgia Grace from Mamaw Carolyn from her recent vacation to Branson, Missouri. And a very proud moment for me-the two pumpkins on the side and the gourd are from our patch! I may have a green thumb after all y'all...

I also printed off these free printables from here and here that I am going to find a space for. They are so cute! MY SIL sent me the first one and I knew the Harrison Homeplace definitely needed it!

And my favorite decoration of all. She is totally "modeling" her new fall/Halloween jammies! What a showdog. I snagged these super cute pj's at Walmart for $4.97! Oh, and just so you know I plan on putting her in footed pajamas forever. I have a crazy amount of love for them! They scream 'baby' :)

So there's the tour! Quick, simple, and southern. We are ready for the Harvest! :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Fall Y'all & A Parenting Lesson

Fall officially arrived this weekend and we couldn't be happier about it. We slept with the windows up, I wore cable knit and boots, and there was a beautiful sunset on Saturday that looked like a painting in the sky.  I did not want this weekend to end.

Friday night we went to the BC/GC football game where it flooded the whole time. Seriously. But we won 14-0 so it was time well spent. Go Big Blue!

Saturday afternoon Marcus and I learned a hard lesson in parenting. Georgia Grace decided she wanted to play in Owen's food and water bowls and instead of telling her "No" and redirecting her to another task we let her play because it was sooo cute. She would splish splash the water, rub the water on her legs, rub the floor like she was cleaning it, and transfer dog food into the water bowl. But then she tried to play in the bowls two more times this weekend! And she was not happy when we wouldn't let her do it the second and third times. She thought it was ok since we let her do it the first time. So even though it was cute and she was having fun, we have to let her know what she can and cannot do. This parenting thing is a breeze! Ha!

Saturday afternoon we were invited to sweet Caroline's first birthday party and after driving around an hour and never finding their house I headed home. But we got to see some beautiful countryside and GGH took an impressive nap so it wasn't all bad.

Saturday night we went to our Grubb cousins for a bonfire to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Marcus had went hunting with Brennan and Nathan that morning so it just felt right to spend the rest of our day outdoors. It isn't too cool yet so Georgia Grace got to enjoy it with us. Until she was ready to get down and then the girls went in with her.

Sunday afternoon I took this beauty of Georgia Grace on my grandparent's porch. I love this little orange smocked dress on her! I remember buying this dress before she was born and looking forward to the day I could put it on her.

When I told my grandparents that I wanted a bunch of pumpkins for Georgia Grace's first birthday party they planted a pumpkin patch for me. They don't know how barren it will be but how sweet of them to do that for us! She insisted we get a picture in the garden. Is was high noon so not the best quality but I still love it!

Sunday afternoon mom and I went to help Paige and Eric with their engagement pictures. These two are the cutest but they were at ultimate cuteness yesterday. I cannot wait to see these! And I don't think I've mentioned it but the wedding has been moved up to October 18th-just 25 days! The next four weeks are going to be a blur I can tell but I am happy they are getting married when they want to for all of the right reasons. If my blogging becomes lax in the next little bit I have a great excuse :)

Hope your weekend was great too!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday-Remembering Papaw

Happy Friday! Here's another edition of Five On Friday-enjoy!

Tuesday I decorated our house for fall/Halloween and decided  I would be a little trickster and put the witch pictured above in the bed on Marcus' side. Well he retaliated Wednesday morning. It doesn't take much to entertain us ha!

I am happy to report that Georgia Grace is eating much better as of late. She loves foods that she can feed herself. Her favorites right now are cheerios and cheese. Cheerios are necessities during church or anywhere we are where she has to be confined. She hasn't had any gagging spells and she is doing better with eating from a spoon (I'm think the rejection of the spoon was related to teething). I'm so proud of her!

I read this quote this week and it literally stopped me in my tracks. It is so easy to consider ourselves "good people" and/or to justify sin. We are so far from good when compared to Jesus. A very humbling reminder that we are all given grace upon grace upon grace daily that we do not deserve. John 1:16 tells us from the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. The real question is why doesn't bad things happen to all of us? What a merciful God we serve!!

Georgia Grace learned how to blow bubbles yesterday! I had to work a nutrition event last night and when I checked twitter on my way home Marcus had posted this and my heart just melted. That face. Life is so fun with her as my daughter!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Papaw's passing. I was reading my "Remembering Papaw" post that I made last year here and I mentioned how I hoped Georgia Grace would inherit some of his traits and I can confidently say that she has. She is happy, busy, and has a grin that looks just like his! He is home and watching over us. I'll cherish the memories forever.

Please remember us in your prayers today if you don't mind<3

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Savoring September

Fall technically doesn't start until the 22nd but with the arrival of September I consider my favorite season has arrived! And with fall comes the anticipation of the holidays and cooler weather. My goal for this month is to savor the picture perfect weather and less busy schedule before we are all indoors and running around like banshees. Here are a few pictures of us savoring September-

"Before you know it she'll be off driving the Camaro" was the caption for this picture I received from my MIL. I am in love with this picture! This was her daddy's car when he turned 16 so it is definitely special to us. She looks so serious behind that wheel. Like she's seriously considering taking off. Dream on, baby girl!
Her favorite thing to do right now is make messes. She had just went through her entire diaper bag in this picture. Yesterday I was needing to do some things without her help  so I put her in her crib with her diaper bag and she went to town. Thirty minutes of housework completed-score!

Loving on gammy and looking extra tall after our flu shot last week. She sure loves her gammy!

Aunt Paigey gifted Georgia Grace with a shopping cart for Christmas last year and I pulled it out of storage this week. It has been a big hit! Here she is after a recent shopping trip for groceries and diapers-just like mommy :) She must be taking notes.

Cheering on cousin Keagen at his junior pro football game. We have gotten so much wear out of the bear/wildcat paw onesie Aunt Rachel made her. We are squeezing in it until the snaps pop ha!

A recent squirrel hunt for my papaw, dad, and Marcus warranted a picture with the boss. She was tickled if you can't tell. And sporting some epic bedhead :)

And Marcus with some of his kiddos after their game on Tuesday. They were SO happy he came. Melted my heart.

Happy hump day. I am running on fumes after a rough few nights of sleep. Extra caffeine is in order!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Governors Cup, Invitations, & Fall At The Hall's

Saturday we [myself, Marcus, Nathan, Rachel, my sister Paige, and Eric] made the 2 1/2 hour trek to Lexington to watch our beloved Cats play Louisville in the Governors Cup. My mom kept Georgia Grace for us so we could go. I can't wait to take her to games with us but I just don't think she's ready yet.

The last time we both went together to watch the Cats play in Commonwealth Stadium we upset Spurrier and the Gamecocks so we were hoping we were their good luck charm.

We weren't ;(. Oh well, we had a blast and UK looked much improved from week 1 & 2. It's going to get exciting in a few years when "Stoops Troops" take over the program. We are faithful fans! A day in blue is better than any day in [Louisville] red :)

WKU lost Saturday too :(. A bad football weekend in these parts!

One of my favorite things about the game was when the UK and UL bands joined together to play "My Old Kentucky Home". A good reminder that it's just a game and we should be proud of our state regardless of what team we root for.

After the game we headed to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant Bourbon n' Toulouse to have some cajun food with Lexington friends. Then we headed home to our baby who we missed a lot.

Saturday night after we got home from the game and Marcus and GGH went to bed I finished the birthday party invitations. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. I wanted pink, pumpkins, and a princess feel all rolled into one invite. It was my first time using a new editing program so I learned, added, and changed as I went. Only six short weeks!
Sunday night we went to eat supper and for the men to do some shooting at my sister and brother-in-law's farm. I forgot to take pictures of us until it was time to go but I snapped this of her mantel. How cute is this?!? Her house is adorably decorated for fall. I think I will hire her out to come do mine ha! Although seeing how Georgia destroyed rearranged their decorations I'm not sure how much I will put up this year. She can clear a table of knick knacks in 5 seconds flat. Awesome.

It was a fun weekend. The weather was perfection. Hope your weekend was great too! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! We have a fun weekend of football coming up so I am extra excited to see the week come to an end. And it has finally cooled off here and it is supposed to be 75 with no humidity all weekend. Am I dreaming? No, fall has arrived!

I mentioned back in August that we were beginning a memory preservation idea I had that we've titled Film Fridays. Five Fridays have come and gone since we started this and I am happy to report that we are 5 for 5! I was worried that we would forget but so far so good.

They have all been very random segments but nonetheless entertaining. Last week we filmed GGH "reading" before we left for the football game. The footage probably won't be worth two cents because whoever is filming is usually laughing and the camera is moving the whole time ha! Oh well, that's our real life.

Wednesday we took this looking way too big girl back to her pediatrician to check her ears, get the first dose of her flu shot, and discuss an issue we have been having. Her ears are healed (hallelujah!) and the flu shot only warranted about a 30 second blood curdling cry :). We weren't sure if her ears were ever completely healed because she continued to pull at them but it appears she has just developed a new habit (like her daddy).The other issue we discussed with him is her frequent vomiting. Since we started introducing table food we have noticed that she gags very easily. And more recently she has gagged which resulted in her throwing up. Her pediatrician thinks she just has an overactive gag reflex (like her daddy) and really isn't concerned about it. She has had consistent normal weight gain and is very healthy so we will just try to make sure all her bites are little and she chews it up really good. And slows down, she may be a fast eater too (like her daddy). Anyone see a pattern here?!? Ha! :)

She also has another tooth (right lateral incisor to be technical) which makes #5. It woke her up last night from the pain. The left one is swollen so I'm sure we will be seeing it soon. 

School pictures came back this week and I am smitten over this portrait of my professional man! I tried to get him to order some but he won't do it. Maybe I can turn in his form without him knowing...


If you are local I am sure you have already seen this but for documentation sake here we are on a billboard! The hospital I work for approached me about marketing obstetrics/L&D services in my town to try to increase our market share and voila! Thanks to all who have contacted me to let me know they seen it and thought it looked great :) I was a little anxious about seeing myself 2 1/2 hours post-delivery magnified on a billboard but I think it turned out great. I love how it says "Georgia Grace Harrison & Her Parents"! That is spot on. It is her life and we are just living in it :)

First birthday planning is filling up my daily to-do list along with ideas for her 1 year photo shoot. I am dying over this picture I found on Pinterest! And I totally want to try it. I hope Georgia Grace obliges :)

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! This day gets me very excited for Halloween!