Thursday, September 5, 2013

Midweek Minute

I feel like I have gotten in the habit of doing a weekend, midweek, and a {finally} Friday post schedule. This hasn't been intentional but it is working so I am going with it. We have had a low key week around here trying to keep up with what day it is since it's a short week. Monday was my Thursday so we are all thrown off a little bit. Georgia Grace is staying with her Embry great-grandparents today and they are keeping her on their farm. This is the first time they have kept her there so I am praying it is a good day for all! I'm sure my papaw's phone will have a few more pictures on it. And I'm sure I will have to show him how to view them for the 325789th time HA!

I had mentioned in her ten month post that she loves tracing the design on the area rug in our living room so Grandma picked her up some fat pieces of sidewalk chalk this week. By the looks of that grin I think she was loving it!

Maybe we have a future artist on our hands. She is a very analytical child. She studies everything really hard and notices all the details. And look at that piece of chalk in her right hand. I know it's too early to tell but I'm making an early prediction she will be a righty. Boo! She's so much like her daddy. Maybe I will get my lefty next time around. :)

Our little artist continued to impress us this week with her first coloring page! She has been watching her AKK friends do some coloring and decided she wanted in on the action. She is learning SO much from observing and interacting with them on the days Grandmomma keeps her. Not to mention she thinks she is as big as them and can do whatever they do.

Speaking of AKK, we went to watch their tee ball team play Tuesday night and Gram throw out the first pitch. Aren't they the cutest?!? This is some of the preschool group. They were so funny to watch! I think we have some future Babe Ruths out there :)

Georgia Grace had fun I promise! She had her fierce ballgame face on. She wore her AKK embroidered onesie from Aunt Alice to support the team. She is their biggest fan!

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