Monday, September 30, 2013

Georgia Is Eleven Months Old!

Georgia-you are ELEVEN months old!

Here is what you have been up to lately:

  • You probably weigh 18-19 pounds, wear 9-12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, and size 2/3 shoes. I think your little feet are finally starting to catch up with you, they have really grown this month.
  • You can say "momma", "dadda", "pa", "yum yum", "up", and "bye bye". You blow kisses on command too! At first you were only blowing kisses to men but now everyone gets kisses from you.
  • You really hate having your diaper changed. It's usually a traumatic experience. I'm crossing my fingers this means you will potty train easy and early.

  • We had an issue at the beginning of the month where you would throw up every 2-3 days from getting choked on your bottle or food. We were concerned about it but your pediatrician said that he thought it was just a hypersensitive gag reflex that you inherited from daddy. You haven't had any issues in three weeks! So glad that is resolved.
  • You have 5 teeth-3 on top and 2 on the bottom. Teething has not been a big deal for you so far and I hope it stays that way.
  • You are starting to need more sleep because you are such a busy body. Most nights are 10 hours of sleep but you have had a few 12 hour nights. You continue to take a morning and afternoon nap that average out to be an hour each.

  • Your significant daily events:
August 30th: blew your first kiss to poppa<3
August 31st: visit back to Doctor's office for pulling at your ear
September 2nd: first time trying cheerios-one of your new favorite foods (just like your mommy at that age)
September 9th: blew a kiss to daddy for the first time
September 9th: your first billboard appearance!!
September 10th: Tooth #5!

September 11th: first flu shot
September 13th: started saying "Yum-Yum"
September 17th: tried mandarin oranges for the first time-you didn't like the sliminess so you spit it out but we tried again and you liked it then. (Side note to any fellow mommy readers-sometimes it takes a baby up to 10 times of trying a new food before they will accept it so don't give up too quickly! I have to remind myself of this.)
September 19th: blew bubbles for the first time
September 20th: repeated the word "yellow" very clearly
September 21st: first bonfire

  • You are eating three good meals and taking 4-8 oz breastmilk (thawed from frozen supply) bottles per day.
  • You prefer to feed yourself these days. We try to offer a combination of finger foods and spoon-fed foods at each meal to keep you happy and mommy happy.
  • Your favorite foods are CHEESE, cheerios, any fruit but bananas (you will eat them sometimes), apple juice, and bread. I hope you continue to be a good healthy eater!
  • You are so so so close to walking. When you are down in the floor playing you stand about 50% of the time. You are super cautious and you don't feel completely comfortable venturing out yet so you are content to just stand. When we walk you around by holding your hands you fly! You might go straight from standing to running.
  • You love to be outside. Funny story-your Gammy has been coming over in the afternoons before cross-country practice and takes you with her to see the kids. Well Gammy came to visit on Sunday and you were fussing and pointing to the door. We figured out you were wanting to go to XC practice! You are such a smart one.
  • You are a social baby and like to be the center of attention. If someone in the room is not paying attention to you you take care of that real quick by squealing at them or crawling to them. You will never want for nothin' :)
  • You love bath time, playing in Owen's doggy bowls (although that has stopped since we said the big "No" word), "reading" books, climbing, wrestling with Daddy and Owen, and playing with electronics. You like to be entertained!
  • As you can tell in your pictures your hair has gotten SO long and is starting to curl. Beyond precious. Your hair is still a dark brown and you are a brown-eyed girl now!

In one short month we will have celebrated your birthday and you will be a big one year old girl! I cannot believe it. I am constantly reminded that the days may be long sometimes but the years are so short. This past year has been the best year of our lives sweet girl! What was life like before you? We have experienced a love that we didn't know until we met you. And sorry sis but you are stuck with us forever because we are pretty crazy about you ;) 

Happy 11 months baby Georgia! Mommy and Daddy love you endlessly!

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  1. Aw this is so sweet! She will love reading these one day!