Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall At The Harrison Homeplace

It's been four days since I blogged and good ol' AT&T is to blame. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. Our wireless was out all day yesterday and my phone is finally starting to act right today. They are a thorn in my side! Anyway here is what has been going on around our house this week-lots of fall fun and decorating!

So the picture you see above is something I drive by everyday on my way home from work. It is a small Amish community that has a nursery and sells delicious baked goods (remember the saucer plate donuts?) I stopped Wednesday and bought some cinderella pumpkins and mums. I just love this picture. It seriously looks like a painting. Total God thing.

Speaking of pumpkins...look at what is growing in our backyard!! So funny story, last year after the fall season Marcus pitched our pumpkins and gourds in our backyard and we never thought another thing about it. Until about three months ago something started growing. And before we knew it a huge area was taken over by leaves and vines. Then Marcus remembered throwing the pumpkins and gourds back there and we realized we had our own pumpkin patch! And what better timing since we are having a 1st birthday pumpkin patch party for Georgia Grace! It looks like they are going to grow and be ready to pick at the perfect time. We actually already picked a few that were ready. Another God thing. I love how I can see Him in so many things this season! 

 I decided to just make a big collage of some of our fall decorations around the house. Almost everything is stuff we have used for the past several seasons. I made the "H" wreath two seasons ago and the other wreath is from our sweet family friend Esther. It is my favorite wreath and I always think of her when I hang it. The chevron pumpkin was a gift to Georgia Grace from Mamaw Carolyn from her recent vacation to Branson, Missouri. And a very proud moment for me-the two pumpkins on the side and the gourd are from our patch! I may have a green thumb after all y'all...

I also printed off these free printables from here and here that I am going to find a space for. They are so cute! MY SIL sent me the first one and I knew the Harrison Homeplace definitely needed it!

And my favorite decoration of all. She is totally "modeling" her new fall/Halloween jammies! What a showdog. I snagged these super cute pj's at Walmart for $4.97! Oh, and just so you know I plan on putting her in footed pajamas forever. I have a crazy amount of love for them! They scream 'baby' :)

So there's the tour! Quick, simple, and southern. We are ready for the Harvest! :)


  1. Love all your fall decorations! I hope to get some done this weekend!

    1. Thanks!! I have to stop myself from buying more there are so many cute things out there!