Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthdays, Ballgames and In Between

This week we...

  • Cheered on the Bears at their Homecoming game with our sweet friend Raven. Sadly there wasn't much to cheer about, we were on the other end of the stick from two weeks ago. We still had fun visiting with everyone!

  • Attended our best baby friend's first birthday party! Abbott is one! And this guy earns the crown as the best smash cake destroyer EVER. There is a video of him that would go viral if they put it on Youtube. It was so awesome! His party was the cutest with all the farm and rustic details.
Georgia Grace had fun playing with Abbott and Caroline. They decided to tag team her and see who could rip her bow out the fastest. Notice Caroline is holding the bow and Georgia's hair is a mess ha!

I guess she had had enough LOL! Sweet babies.

I've had several ask me where my dress came from. It is a Target summer clearance snag! I am totally making it work for fall though by pairiing it with cards and boots. Best 12 bucks I've spent in a long time. And GGH's dress is handmade by me :)

  • Ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and went to church with my dad, sister, and future brother-in-law. Zane Pratt was the speaker at Eric's church and we were excited to hear him. Georgia Grace and I spent the majority of the service in the lobby but I heard he brought a wonderful message! :)
  • Played dollhouse with our AKK friends. She plays so well to be just ten months old. She loves learning and exploring new things.
  • Started blowing kisses! To men only. That's right, she's probably blew 10 kisses and they have all been to men. Pray for us.
  • Developed a love for cheerios. It's her new favorite food.
  • Upgraded to a new iPhone and realized when transferring pictures that this pic collage never made it to the blog. So I had to do something about it so here it is posted a month late ha! Nine months in, nine months out. A year and a half of accepting my call to be her mommy. I am blessed!
And last but definitely not least I have a prayer request. Please take a moment and pray for 4 month old Ryman Little. Ryman is in desperate need of a second liver transplant after an unsuccessful transplant about a week ago. You can read all about her journey here. Brandy is from my hometown and I went to school with her sweet sister Sara. Their faith is evident and they know God's hands are on her. I know they would covet any prayers you could send their way today!


  1. I love you and your sisters dresses in that picture! Any ideas where hers is from? I also love that last collage, your maternity pix look adorable and of course Georgia looks beautiful. Prayers for that sweet baby!

    1. Thanks so much girl!! Both dresses came from Target! ;)