Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Fall Y'all & A Parenting Lesson

Fall officially arrived this weekend and we couldn't be happier about it. We slept with the windows up, I wore cable knit and boots, and there was a beautiful sunset on Saturday that looked like a painting in the sky.  I did not want this weekend to end.

Friday night we went to the BC/GC football game where it flooded the whole time. Seriously. But we won 14-0 so it was time well spent. Go Big Blue!

Saturday afternoon Marcus and I learned a hard lesson in parenting. Georgia Grace decided she wanted to play in Owen's food and water bowls and instead of telling her "No" and redirecting her to another task we let her play because it was sooo cute. She would splish splash the water, rub the water on her legs, rub the floor like she was cleaning it, and transfer dog food into the water bowl. But then she tried to play in the bowls two more times this weekend! And she was not happy when we wouldn't let her do it the second and third times. She thought it was ok since we let her do it the first time. So even though it was cute and she was having fun, we have to let her know what she can and cannot do. This parenting thing is a breeze! Ha!

Saturday afternoon we were invited to sweet Caroline's first birthday party and after driving around an hour and never finding their house I headed home. But we got to see some beautiful countryside and GGH took an impressive nap so it wasn't all bad.

Saturday night we went to our Grubb cousins for a bonfire to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Marcus had went hunting with Brennan and Nathan that morning so it just felt right to spend the rest of our day outdoors. It isn't too cool yet so Georgia Grace got to enjoy it with us. Until she was ready to get down and then the girls went in with her.

Sunday afternoon I took this beauty of Georgia Grace on my grandparent's porch. I love this little orange smocked dress on her! I remember buying this dress before she was born and looking forward to the day I could put it on her.

When I told my grandparents that I wanted a bunch of pumpkins for Georgia Grace's first birthday party they planted a pumpkin patch for me. They don't know how barren it will be but how sweet of them to do that for us! She insisted we get a picture in the garden. Is was high noon so not the best quality but I still love it!

Sunday afternoon mom and I went to help Paige and Eric with their engagement pictures. These two are the cutest but they were at ultimate cuteness yesterday. I cannot wait to see these! And I don't think I've mentioned it but the wedding has been moved up to October 18th-just 25 days! The next four weeks are going to be a blur I can tell but I am happy they are getting married when they want to for all of the right reasons. If my blogging becomes lax in the next little bit I have a great excuse :)

Hope your weekend was great too!

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