Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! We have a fun weekend of football coming up so I am extra excited to see the week come to an end. And it has finally cooled off here and it is supposed to be 75 with no humidity all weekend. Am I dreaming? No, fall has arrived!

I mentioned back in August that we were beginning a memory preservation idea I had that we've titled Film Fridays. Five Fridays have come and gone since we started this and I am happy to report that we are 5 for 5! I was worried that we would forget but so far so good.

They have all been very random segments but nonetheless entertaining. Last week we filmed GGH "reading" before we left for the football game. The footage probably won't be worth two cents because whoever is filming is usually laughing and the camera is moving the whole time ha! Oh well, that's our real life.

Wednesday we took this looking way too big girl back to her pediatrician to check her ears, get the first dose of her flu shot, and discuss an issue we have been having. Her ears are healed (hallelujah!) and the flu shot only warranted about a 30 second blood curdling cry :). We weren't sure if her ears were ever completely healed because she continued to pull at them but it appears she has just developed a new habit (like her daddy).The other issue we discussed with him is her frequent vomiting. Since we started introducing table food we have noticed that she gags very easily. And more recently she has gagged which resulted in her throwing up. Her pediatrician thinks she just has an overactive gag reflex (like her daddy) and really isn't concerned about it. She has had consistent normal weight gain and is very healthy so we will just try to make sure all her bites are little and she chews it up really good. And slows down, she may be a fast eater too (like her daddy). Anyone see a pattern here?!? Ha! :)

She also has another tooth (right lateral incisor to be technical) which makes #5. It woke her up last night from the pain. The left one is swollen so I'm sure we will be seeing it soon. 

School pictures came back this week and I am smitten over this portrait of my professional man! I tried to get him to order some but he won't do it. Maybe I can turn in his form without him knowing...


If you are local I am sure you have already seen this but for documentation sake here we are on a billboard! The hospital I work for approached me about marketing obstetrics/L&D services in my town to try to increase our market share and voila! Thanks to all who have contacted me to let me know they seen it and thought it looked great :) I was a little anxious about seeing myself 2 1/2 hours post-delivery magnified on a billboard but I think it turned out great. I love how it says "Georgia Grace Harrison & Her Parents"! That is spot on. It is her life and we are just living in it :)

First birthday planning is filling up my daily to-do list along with ideas for her 1 year photo shoot. I am dying over this picture I found on Pinterest! And I totally want to try it. I hope Georgia Grace obliges :)

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! This day gets me very excited for Halloween!


  1. OMG I am obsessed with that 1 year picture! So adorable. I just did some pictures of my sister and her bf on hay bales/in a hay field, they're so fun!

    1. ME TOO! I'm thinking as long as you have someone hiding behind the hay bale it will be totally safe. Of course I will post about it if I can pull it off so stay tuned :)