Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday-The "Georgia" Boot Edition

Keeping with tradition I'm blogging today with Five On Friday for a little random recap of what our week looked like at the Harrison Homeplace. It's all about BOOTS, a consignment sale, a wedding blog, and of course our southern belle. Happy Friday y'all!

 So I had mentioned back in February that one of my sweet friends Keiliah had been given the opportunity to help name the Steven Madden line of little girls shoes for Fall 2013 and she so awesomely chose "Georgia" to represent a new cowboy boot (does it get anymore southern than Georgia, folks? Nope.). And they have hit the shelves! And we got a free pair!!! Holy goodness I am in love with them. They are gorgeous. Unfortunately they are not being sold online at this time but you can pick them up in stores. We will cherish these babies forever! Thanks again Keiliah! [Stay tuned for a Cowgirl Georgia photo-op :)]

Last night I went to my second LAA consignment sale and just like back in March it did not dissapoint. Lil Angels Attic is dedicated to bringing the church and community together to raise funds for local families through children's charities and church ministries. Everything about the event is centered around Christ. It is coordinated by volunteers, profits go to needy organizations in the community, and there is prayer before the event even starts. I'm happy to be associated with this event.

My deal of the night was Georgia Grace's Halloween costume--six bucks!! I was dying. I did so well and it was a lot of fun catching up with other moms and meeting new moms. I think it's great that we have such a huge consignment sale like this in our area. I will definitely be back in the spring! 

And here are most of my goodies!! It seriously feels like Christmas morning. Polka dots, ruffles, and smocking-oh my!  

My sister and her fiance have started their own wedding blog here and you should check it out! They are moving right along with the planning. She works more efficiently when she has a deadline (and so do I) so there will still probably be a lot of last minute planning :) I've already told her this must be the prelude to a newlywed blog and I'm holding her to it.

We hope YOU have a great weekend! :)

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