Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Baby Is A Rockstar!

One of my friends, Keiliah has a friend that works for Steve Madden Corporate and one of her jobs is naming children's shoes. She had asked Keiliah to help her come up with a name for a pair of cowboy boots that they were introducing in their Fall 2013 line. She wanted it to be something southern so she suggested my daughter's name and....

Here are the Steve Madden "Georgia" Cowboy Boots!!!

How neat is it that my daughter has a pair of boots named after her?!? Wow! I told them to let us know as soon as the line is released so we can get a pair for her. My baby is a rockstar! :) 

Thank you Keiliah for making this happen! We are so honored!

In other news, Friday night we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant Mariah's to celebrate the end of a LONG week. Joint Commission has been in my facility and if you are familiar with acute care hospitals, you completely understand my lack of blogging this week. I have been working longer hours and I come home mentally and physically exhausted. I am so thankful our survey is behind us! Hallelujah!

Our favorite server waited on us! Love you Liv!

We also stopped by to visit my sister while we were in Bowling Green. Georgia had a big time watching her and laughing at her. She loves her aunt Paigey!

I have no idea where this weekend went. How can it be Sunday night already?! I am looking forward to a slower, more normal week. 


  1. Yay thanks for the mention!! I think Georgia and Aimsley need a play date soon!!!

    1. You're welcome and I agree! Let's work on that! :)