Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Time

We devoted Sunday to spending time with our family in a variety of ways. We have been wanting to take Georgia to visit some of my relatives in the nursing home but we wanted to wait until she was a little older with a matured immune system and when all the sickness had subsided.

So we decided Sunday we would take her for a visit. Here is GGH with my great-aunt Gladean. Aunt Gladean was having a great day when we visited her. She said that Georgia looked like my mom and she told my mom, "Don't make her cry" ha! We had a good visit with her and I could tell it thrilled her that we stopped by. She has always loved babies.

Then we went and visited my great-uncle Charles. He had just moved in and seems to be adjusting well. He gave us the biggest smile when we showed Georgia to him!

While we were out and about we visited "Meme" Harrison. She was so tickled that we stopped by. She gave Georgia Grace a piggybank with some change in it. Georgia has really started to grab things so she was really interested in the pig.

Georgia did so well. She was wide awake and just smiled and even talked some. I hope she was able to brighten their days!

Late Sunday afternoon we went over to my sister-in-law's so Marcus could do some shooting. It was a beautiful, pleasant afternoon and it felt good to be outside in the country after being cooped up all winter. Two of their calves greeted us as we pulled up their driveway-what a good southern welcome! :)

I had no intention of participating before we got there but look who got talked into it ha! The last time I had shot a gun I was in 5th grade....I told them all they better get in the house until I was done. I did surprisingly well and even hit a can or two. It was a fun adrenaline rush!

I am off tomorrow instead of Thursday and I am so excited about it! I have a few sewing projects I would like to tackle and of course cuddling my sissy girl! Speaking of that, for some reason I had started calling her "sis" and "sissy" a lot lately. I guess we have said "brother Owen" for so long I am just in the habit. And there is a song that we sing to her about sisters. I hope she doesn't mind :)

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