Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rolling and Shopping

Watch out world---this girl is rolling over!

Georgia Grace rolled over for the first time this weekend! We were giddy with excitement! We had the video going and filmed for probably 15 minutes and she wouldn't do it. We put the camcorder up and there she goes ha! Isn't that the luck? Oh well, we will try to get footage of the next one. We are so proud of you, Georgia!

We went to one of our favorite restaurants the other night and Georgia Grace was such a good girl!

I love that she is easy to take places. We had a hard time eating with everyone oooing and ahhing over her :).  

Saturday I went to Bowling Green to do a little consignment shopping and pick up GGH's Valentines present. I hit the jackpot at one of my favorite stores! They had just marked all of their fall/winter clothes and shoes down to 75% off. I got all of this for $40!! I was thrilled! I mostly shopped for next season but I got a few pieces that we can wear this season to finish us out before spring arrives. And I have learned you always need a few more fall/winter pieces than you think you do because spring doesn't arrive near as quick as we would like ha! 

Georgia Grace had to model one of her new pieces. This little jacket is too much! I could just eat her up.

Yay for my big girl rolling over and bargains!

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