Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Georgia Grace Days

Even though I am not able to be with Georgia Grace some days, she is well taken care of by our grandmas. They email me at least one daily picture of her which is so wonderful! Along with the pictures, I get daily briefings on how she is doing, what activities she has done, how she has eaten, etc.
A typical day for her (and I say that very loosely because no two days are the same) starts between 7-8 after she has slept ALL night! :) She will eat and take a long morning nap. This is her best nap of the day typically.

She usually wakes up between 10-11 to eat again. This time she stays awake for a while. She likes to swing in her cradle swing, "talk" to everybody, visit with daddy when he comes over for his lunch break, and watch TV! 

Here she is "watching cartoons". Why does she look grown?!? She is getting too big for her britches!
Daddy picks her up after school around 3:30 and then they come home and wait for me. The best part of my day is being with her in the afternoons. We stay in most nights because we would both rather stay home and be with her than to do anything else.

So that's a typical day for Georgia Grace at the 3 month mark. She is a blessed baby to get to spend the days that I am not home with her great-grandmothers. And I am a blessed mommy to have such an easy and healthy baby.

Speaking of being blessed, our cousin Payton won homecoming queen for our high school! She is beautiful on the outside and inside. We were so thrilled! She is an amazing role model for Georgia Grace. Way to go Payt! We love you!


  1. Georgia is getting so big! And man that hair!!! Love it! We were so happy to hear Payton got HC Queen! Our family loves her just like she is one of our own!

  2. I have had to "style" her hair since day one. There is so much of it and it can be unruly! Not complaining though :). Yes we were tickled, she's one in a million!