Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow & Super Bowl

We FINALLY got the snow we had all been waiting for on Sunday! Granted it was only 1-2 inches and was 90% melted by the time we left for church we will take it! I am hoping we can have one big snow before winter is over. It feels like a waste of a season without it ha!

So here's the story on this picture. She woke up at 7am to eat and went right back to sleep so we decided we would take her picture in the snow when she woke up. It was time for church so we had to wake her up and by that time the snow was quickly melting. So, when you mix a woke-up, sleepy, hungry baby---you get this picture! Isn't it hilarious? I thought about not posting it but I want this blog to be real and I want Georgia Grace to remember her first reaction to snow. I do take the blame for the crankiness since we woke her and rushed her outside to snap a picture in the last little bit of snow that had not melted. So daughter-of-mine if you are reading this 10 years down the road, I sure hope your feelings about snow have changed! :) 

Sunday we also attended the baptism of our best friends Nathan and Rachel. It was such a special service and I am so proud of their commitment to God and public profession of faith. I am so thankful for our christian friends!

And finally Sunday Night was SB XLVII. Neither of our teams made it so we weren't that into it but it's the American thing to do to watch it so we did. Our alma mater WKU was coached by Jack Harbaugh back in the day so it was neat to see the his sons coaching against each other. I wonder how Momma Harbaugh handled it?

Georgia Grace sported her football leggings that gammy bought her. Doesn't see look thrilled? So much cuteness I can't stand it! 

And Happy 23rd Birthday to Aunt Shanna! We love you very much!

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