Saturday, February 2, 2013

This And That

I feel like ever so often I need to do a post that is a collection of random things. This would be considered one of those posts ha! I may even start a series of these-we'll see!

Over the holidays our cousins from Indianapolis brought Georgia Grace a jacuzzi tub that they were no longer using. We have been filling it up and using it in her nursery and she has the biggest time! She is starting to really kick her legs and splash the water. I think she would stay in the bath for as long as I would let her. We try to schedule bathtime before bedtime so she will be clean and relaxed. And I can't think of anything better than a squeaky clean naked baby with wet eyelashes and curly wet hair. Oh I could just eat her up!!

My cousin "Shelky" made me this out of my great-grandmother Embry's old dresses. She has never sewed before and this was her first project! I am so honored that she chose to give it to me.

I remember this dress so vividly! It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood when we would visit them in Aberdeen. They lived right by my grandparents so we would often walk across the yard and visit them too. She always wore a dress and he always wore overalls :)

Our five generations picture circa 1987
L to R: great-great grandfather Garrett Burden, great-grandmother ("old mamaw" as we called her ha!) Eva Embry, papaw Ernie Embry, my dad, and me! I will cherish this quilt piece forever.

Thursday our CEO retired after 35 years of service and commitment to our hospital. He hired me last July and I am so thankful for the opportunity he has given me. He will be greatly missed! He defines a leader in every aspect.

And Friday night was our first family movie night! We all curled up in bed and watched a movie together, including Owen (he couldn't fit in the picture). GGH enjoys TV so she was very cooperative. I look forward to many more nights just like this! :)

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