Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Our little princess in her new tutu. The tutu is so precious. I am so glad we were able to make this purchase-thanks #teamtutu! I actually think she enjoyed wearing it. I see a girly girl in our future!
(I posted this on facebook and one of my friends said the warning label on the carseat was from her daddy to her future boyfriends-YES.)
(And yes-my child already has full length bangs. She may have the most hair of any 3 month old EVER! And I love it.)

Wednesday night we went to the Valentine banquet at our church which is always a fun event. Marcus and I were chosen to participate in the newlywed game and we won! We beat our pastor and his wife and two other "seasoned" couples. The question that sealed the deal was "What was the worst thing that happened to you on your wedding day?" If you know us very well, you understand. We have a honeymoon story like NONE other. But that's another day, another post.

They had a photo booth set up which was a big hit. Marcus and Brother Raymond had to get a picture together in their matching bow ties. We love Brother Raymond!

Sweet cousin Delaney took care of Georgia Grace while we played the newlywed game. I have always said that I hope Georgia's hair stays dark because I want it to look just like Delaney's! Love these two!

And Georgia with her "stalker" Rachel ha! Funny story-Rachel loves looking at Georgia's pictures and so her family called her out on it which prompted the nickname Georgia's stalker. We have fun with it! And let me tell you this girl has an AMAZING voice. I would not be surprised if we hear her on the radio someday. I could listen to her sing all day!

Having a conversation with friends :)

Oh, it's so funny!

Thursday I was home so we made red velvet cupcakes for Marcus' 3rd graders. I put Georgia in her moby and she was able to watch everything I did. She LOVED it! She was so content and would flail her hands in excitement. Marcus walked home on his lunch break to get the cupcakes so that was a nice Valentines treat getting to see him. 

We went and visited mamaw Carolyn and took her a few cupcakes too. Sweet girl was super clingy yesterday so the rest of the night we just chilled at home and played. Georgia got a new cradle swing for Valentines day along with her tutu. It's funny because this is the exact swing she uses at grams (and loves) but yet for some reason she has not taken to ours quite as well?! Babies are funny sometimes, especially ours.

I hope everyone had a good day full of love!

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