Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Tale of Jack's First Year

Last weekend we celebrated Jack's first birthday with a Peter Rabbit themed party. I had this theme picked out pretty much since I found out I was going to have a spring baby and that he was a boy. I thought it was the perfect theme for our "Jack rabbit". 

I wanted it to feel like the party was a part of McGregor's Garden. I also took a shortcut and put EVERYTHING on one table so I only had one area to decorate. You live and learn folks :)

We had a light lunch with cookies and cake for dessert and lemonade or sweet tea. We did lots of garden veggies and fresh fruit.

My friend Gina that catered everything and made the cakes also made these adorable personalized cookies. This was the best picture I took and I'm kicking myself about it. The round ones had his monogram on them and the carrot ones were adorable!

My favorite part of the whole table was the carrots with their gorgeous leaf stocks that we put in hurricanes.

Jack's birthday cake was so beautiful. It was delicious too. The Peter Rabbit topper was a gift from Gina that we will always cherish.

Jack's smash cake. Please notice Barbie in the background plopped down in Jack's high chair. #georgiawashere

For party favors I found this printable on pinterest for McGregor's Garden seed packets. They were the cutest things I have ever seen. Of course I forgot to hand out to the baby/kid guests until most were gone but the adults enjoyed them :)

I hope when they plant the seeds that they will pray for Jack as he grows and also pray for us as we strive to raise him in a way that would please God and give him all the opportunities to succeed in life. The task of parenting is similar to gardening. I read once that you should create "an environment that promotes strong roots and sturdy shoots". I know the seeds we plant early will reap harvest in the future.

The birthday boy was taking a pre-party nap and arrived 15 minutes late to his party but when you're the guest of honor you can do those things. He was in awe of all the people and food.

He's ready to party!

He is soooo close to walking and has been for several weeks now. He will take 3-4 steps and then he is done. He could probably set a world record for crawling so he's just sticking with it for now which I'm fine with because I know he will soon enough except he is bruising up his knees and ruining his pants!

Sister was proud of her brother as she always is.

Landry and Jack, baby BFFs and future boyfriend and girlfriend if their moms get their way :)

Jack and Roman obliging to take a picture for me but not really wanting to.

Time for cake!

He had some help from Georgia blowing out his candle. 

Being fed cake by Daddy because he wasn't all that interested.

And then he wanted Daddy to hold him while he played in the cake.

And then he wanted to share his cake with his guests. Such a sweetheart!

Mrs. Gina fixed Georgia a special cookie just for her with her name on it! She was very happy about that.

It was time to open his gifts. He mostly watched while Georgia and me opened them.
Once he saw his cozy coupe the rest of the presents were left up to us ha!

He tried out his new rocking chair from Ma and Pa that will go on our front porch to match Georgia's.

Where's Jack? Off playing I'm sure while we finished checking out his gifts. Georgia Grace found a few that she wouldn't mind having.

Especially the riding dinosaur!

I always want to remember that they both fit in his cozy coupe on his first birthday. My two little babies that completely exhaust me and completely set my heart on fire. Their ages being so close comes with its challenges but I wouldn't trade it.  

We went outside to take a few pictures. His hair is super long for a one year old. Daddy did trim a few front bangs and the curls on the sides that made him look like Grandpa Munster a few days after the party. I wouldn't call it his first official haircut but more like a little grooming :)

So typical. Jack annoyed with pictures and Georgia playing with her ears. Real life.

It was a 75 degree sunny day, I hope his birthdays are always this pleasant. 

My sister and nephew were looking extra cute at the party. I hadn't seen her in a while and I loved seeing how much she had grown! Pregnancy looks so good on her. She's going to be the best little mommy!

I tried to take a few sibling pictures in their matching storybook rabbit smocked outfits. They weren't thrilled about the idea but obliged.

I love my babies. I have my soft and quiet one and my rough and loud one. They're sugar and spice, and they make me the proudest mom. 

I failed to get a picture of guests or a kid picture. The camcorder was dead so we didn't get any video footage except a short cake video on my phone. I have yet to schedule his first birthday pictures. There are so many things that I want to shake myself for failing to do but at the end of the day we celebrated a healthy, happy one year old boy who could care less about any of it really. Give him his mommy (daddy and sister too), a blanket and his bottle and it's a happy life for him. What a true life lesson.

Another first birthday party in the books. The first parties are always huge and heavily planned and it's always kind of relieving when they come and go. I'm glad I chose a venue and to have the party catered. Mommy knows her limits. 

Thanks to all our friends and family that celebrated Jack's big day with us. He had 46 guests that love him and help us raise the strong, growing boy that he is. We love our community of supporters!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Two Week Highlight Reel

We packed the month of April about as full as you can get it so I have some belated posts that are coming but I need to do a post of just our normal every day stuff before I get too far behind.

1. My Instagram caption for this photo-"Mommy, is Jack using my toothbrush?" Umm, maybe. #oops #hisdidntmakeitbackfromdisney
2. Jack's jammies are an all-time favorite. And a few friends on IG pointed out how it looks like he is flexing! Hilarious!
3. I live in jammies at home. As soon as we get home each day and if I know we are in for the night, I change into my pajamas. The spring and summer months kind of complicate that because we normally play outside so I may delay it then but this is my mommy uniform most of the time.

A mermaid laying in the sand. She's really into mermaids right now. She has narrowed it down to two things that she wants to be when she grows up, either a dentist or a mermaid. I'll be proud whatever she decides.

Georgia always wants to go places and stay the night at everyone's house. Shanna planned a slumber party for her last weekend and she was so excited for it. She requested makeup and a bubble bath followed by movies in bed. She already knows what's good in life!

This was actually the first night Georgia and Jack had been apart since we brought Jack home from the hospital. This video turned me into a puddle.

When your birthday always falls on spring break, the celebration gets delayed a few weeks. My sweet co-workers gave me a Baskin Robbins cake, they're the best!

Our twin friends Kypton and Erica celebrated their 6th birthday last weekend with a painting/racing party. Georgia loves the twinsies and loved painting and riding their RZR.

She was the smallest one there but acted as big as the other kids. She was so serious about her painting.

They started playing outside at preschool this week and it was the best thing ever according to Georgia girl. I think this is her monkey face on the monkey bars.

Her first day of playschool. Playschool is a program they offer to preschoolers in our community by our local high school that allows a child development class to teach and take care of them for half a day. I went to playschool so it was nostalgic for me. She didn't cry and would have been totally fine if I had dropped her off at the curb, she made new friends (mostly the high schoolers) and loved that she had homework to do. She can't wait to go back next week.

Her new high school friend, Gracie. These two hit it off right from the start!

Jack has never been a fan of hats until his Pa brought him this one and then he didn't want to take it off. We need a hat for the beach so I may put Pa in charge of that.

I sent this to my brother Cody and he said it made his day. We haven't seen him since Christmas and only get to see him a handful of times each year. I was so thankful that she remembered where he lived. She loves her Uncle Cody!

A couple of months ago I saw where the Country Living Fair was coming to Nashville and I just knew that my friend Rachel and I had to go. We bought our tickets, made arrangements for our kids and other obligations and took off for a girl's day!

The weather was perfect, the shopping was choice and the crowds were light since we beat the weekend rush. We had no complaints and lots of fun.

We met the Country Living magazine Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Hardage Barrett! We told her we were glad she chose a Kentuckyesque cover for derby month.

Speaking of horses, I loved this display of horse ribbons. It got me thinking about all of my old ribbons from various activities and none of mine look like these. Mine were the $.15 ones with generic "third place" on them in gold. I should have rode horses!

Marcus killed his first turkey Saturday morning! This was his third season to hunt and he was so excited about his bird. I was so proud of him!

Proud daddy and babies. The babes and I were home having a slow morning when Marcus called and said to meet him at his parents so we could see his turkey. I dressed Jack but Georgia wanted to stay in her jammies which just so happened to be a princess gown :)

I have a feeling she will be joining him in the woods some day.

All the men talking manly stuff I'm sure and field dressing the turkey.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated our best bud Roman's 2nd birthday. These three had a ball playing on the swing set, riding vehicles and tattling on each other ha!
That is what fun looks like!

Sunday morning Marcus went back hunting and doubled up with our brother-in-law Jake! They shot them at the same time. This has been a top five 'best weekend ever' for Marcus no doubt.

We were in the nursery at church on Sunday so we hung out with these two and the boys. The courtyard playground area was the place to be.

While brother napped, sister did some independent play in her water table. She asked if she could get in it and she spent about an hour playing in the table. She plays with other kids well but she also appreciates time to herself to use her imagination and explore. 

The school year is winding down and we have lots of fun summer plans that we are looking forward to. We're already enjoying our longer days. My extra, grass stained laundry is evidence of that :)