Friday, April 15, 2016

Disney World 2016: Day 4-Rest Day

I knew our limits and after two solid days at MK and HS, a rest day was just what we needed. We all slept in and had a slow morning at the resort before heading to the beach and pool for the rest of the morning. 
The village we stayed in was a bridge walk across Barefoot Bay to Caribbean Cay that included more beaches, playgrounds, pool, kiddie waterpark area and restaurants.

One of the things I love most about Caribbean Beach Resort is the pool area. There is something fun for all ages to enjoy. We hung out mostly in the kiddie pirate ship waterpark section.

These slides were her favorite. She did the bigger one but found comfort here so she kept doing them over and over again. I love seeing her so excited about something!

We swam in the big pool too. It had a zero entry which was made it easy for us to get in and out.

We swam in the big pool and then mommy did the big slides because she is just a big kid in an adult body. Georgia was proud of me :)

The Pirates of the Caribbean theme is interwoven into all the details of the resort. 

Jack boy stayed in the shade most of the time but we did let him explore some. He loved watching the kids run around and walking in the water.

He thought he was big stuff doing this. As you can see it appears he is going to have fair skin so we were back in the shade quickly! I still don't trust sunblock on his baby skin.

Feeding lunch to two little birds. When people ask how I lost my baby weight and keep it off, it's because I feed them during meal time instead of myself ha!

If you look in the very middle you see Daddy lifting Georgia in the air

I took a gamble and bought a bikini from The Pink Lily Boutique that I loved in pictures but worried it would not be flattering. I put it on and loved the coverage it provided up top, I kind of felt like I was wearing a sports bra! I didn't have to worry about exposure and something popping out. It made me excited to be in a bikini again! Thanks, Pink Lily!

After our fun day in the sun, we headed back to our room for naps and baths. We had dinner reservations at 5:30 and I took a few pictures of the babes on the beach before they left. They were way too interested in the sand to look and smile for mommy.

Sweet boy in his striped Mickey Jon Jon, my favorite outfit!

Checking out the pool area across the bay. She could have stayed there all day.

Ready to go meet Cinderella!

The only thing I had scheduled for this day was dinner and this may have been the event that I was most excited about for the whole trip. Our dinner was at 1900 Park Fare with Lady Tremaine and the evil step-sisters at the Grand Floridian Resort. I had never been to the Grand Floridian but have wanted to since I was a little girl watching the Disney World Full House episode where they stayed there and Jesse played a song for Becky on the resort piano.

A happy princess and a mad prince who was over all the princess stuff

Ash and Rhonda had reservations too so we al got to enjoy the event together.

It was a buffet so we went to fill our plates and none other than Prince Charming was waiting for us when we returned to our table. Georgia completely melted.

Told you. She was putty in his hands. Just completely in awe of him and when she turned around and gave me this face my life flashed before me and she was sixteen with a boyfriend and it was about more than I could take! Shew she sure loves the boys :)

Cinderella was next and she is Georgia's very favorite! She has even passed Elsa and Anna as of late which is a super big deal. She says meeting Cinderella was her very favorite part of Disney World!

Two Disney princesses

Keeping an eye on who was heading our way.

Lady Tremaine did not like Georgia's shirt but she agreed to a picture. No hug though, affection isn't her thing ha!

Drizzle told Georgia to marry for money, the sisters were such a hoot! They stayed in character and really put on a show.

The whole gang eating our weight in strawberry soup (first time trying it and I'm in love! Tastes like melted strawberry ice cream) and fried chicken.

We can't forget Anastasia! She was a lot of fun too.

We had planned to head to Disney Springs for the evening for shopping and dessert but we thought it would be better to get back to the room and rest up for our big day tomorrow. Having a plan is great but modifying it along the way is necessary with babies. 

Instead we explored the Floridian. Aunt Ash loves her babies!

Two of the happiest babies, especially when they're at Disney World! I don't feel like I brag on them enough and/or I take for granted just how good and easy they are. For example, I know some babies that can't sleep anywhere but home. We've never even thought twice about taking them places and they always sleep like champs, just like they do at home. Also, I only remember Georgia crying once the whole trip-the morning after her princess transformation when I had to wash her hair. Can't really blame her. Now Jack did cry some but he was an eleven month old at WDW. Overall, he hung it there and was a trooper. So, thank you babies for being you and being such a joy to raise. Daddy and I are the most blessed parents to have both of you!

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