Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Disney World 2016: Day 6-Animal Kingdom

Our last leg of the trip we decided to devote to Animal Kingdom since it would not be a full park day due to our flight Thursday evening. It was also the day Animal Kingdom had the EMH (extra magic hour) in the morning so they opened an hour earlier which was great for us. We had a week of PERFECT weather and were hopeful it would extend one more day and luckily it did.

I finally got to see The Tree of Life, this was the only Disney park we had never been to. It is as impressive in person as it is in pictures.

A little photo magic, Georgia thought this one was pretty cool :) One of her new favorite shows right now is Lion Guard so this was a fun day for her.

Our Animal Kingdom day fell on my 29th birthday and I can't think of a better way to spend the last birthday in my twenties than at Walt Disney World with my family.

Yay for a birthday at Disney!

Our first order of business was to do the Kilmanjaro Safari that we had fastpassed. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was wrestling wild animals in our safari jeep but I did get a few.

We saw a little bit of everything-gators (pictured above), giraffes, zebras, elephants, lions, rhinos. It felt like we had stepped into Africa.

Wild animals in and wild animals out! Georgia had a million questions, Jack wanted down.

After our safari, we headed to Adventurer's Outpost to meet safari Mickey and Minnie. A photopass photographer caught this expression that made my whole trip. She was so happy to see them!

Hugs for her favorite, Minnie

A honk on the nose of his favorite, Mickey

Jack boy was after Minnie Mouse hot and heavy

I think M&M in their safari gear is the cutest thing! We only had to wait about 15 minutes to meet them (no fastpass) so definitely recommend this character meet and greet (go early!).

I posted this picture on Instagram to tell the story about how Jack was called princess on a daily basis while we were in Disney. He was fussy in the lobby when we were waiting for the Magical Express and a cast member came over with a pink star wand and said, "here's a wand for the princess!". Daddy declared it was time for a haircut. He hasn't had an official haircut but Daddy did trim his bangs so they weren't in his face and the curls around his ears that make him look like Grandpa Munster. We can't cut the curls yet!

Next it was time for Mommy and Daddy to use their fast passes for Expedition Everest.

Not having any fun at all

Georgia doing her scared face as we walked the trail to "It's Tough To Be A Bug".

Loved this show. Super cute. And the surprise effects are awesome!

Jack enjoyed all the shows too

We grabbed BBQ for lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue and it was delicious. Not every restaurant we ate from in the parks would I say that about but this one impressed us. There was wildlife all around our table and this girl had a hard time focusing.

The Festival of the Lion King. It was beautiful, inspiring, funny-it had it all. This was on my must-do list and I'm glad we had time to see it.

My mom took a picture of the birthday girl on her birthday.

Because I just so happened to spend my sixteenth birthday at Disney World too and a little side by side comparison is always fun. I'm loving my shox, air brushed tshirt and jacket tied around my waist.

I loved their madras plaid Mickey and Minnie outfits. They seemed appropriate for a day at animal kingdom.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to CBR to catch the Magical Express to Orlando International. A nice thing Disney will do for you is hold your luggage while you enjoy a park if you have an evening flight. They do expect a tip for the bellhop but the ability for them to do this allowed us to go to a park without having to stay an extra night in the resort. A very nice gesture that saved us quite a bit of money!

When we arrived at MCO, Jack was ready to be uncaged so he crawled all over the airport. Probably the dirtiest, germiest place he could be but I didn't care, it was more important that he wear himself out so he would sleep on the plane :)

Time to go home and just like we hoped, this boy was asleep in my arms within five minutes of takeoff. Thank you son!

The fact that our Disney trip was over had us all feeling a little like this. We were exhausted but it was the very best week of exhaustion.

I'll do a post about some Disney tips and tricks next.

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