Friday, April 1, 2016

Tiny Dancer and We're Going to Disney World!

It's April and we are so ready for our spring break vacation that begins in just a few hours. I feel like a Disney expert at this point with all the pre-planning and reservations I have made. This has made my type A personality thrive! However, as much planning and itinerary making as I have done, I am aware that we are taking a three year old and a baby to Disney World so plans could get scrapped in the first 30 minutes. We will make the best of our trip and I can assure you the happiest place on earth will not disappoint.

It's been a busy week prepping for our trip among lots of other activities we have had going on. Here's what our week has looked like pictorially- 

The Easter bunny knew the way to her heart. Now she can be a princess at nighttime too! When we are home, the kids are mostly in pajamas so a new gown is like a new outfit to her. I just love the smile when she saw herself in the full length mirror.

I turned my timehop back on this week (I deleted because it was a sob fest) and this popped up from three years ago. I just love this picture so much. I can't believe I now have two babies that have celebrated their first Easters. Motherhood is flying by so quickly.

Jack stays with Mamaw Carolyn on Wednesdays and they have started their daily strolls now that spring is here. He loves being outside just like Georgia did at the same age and doesn't want to go inside. This will be a summer spent outdoors I'm sure.

Our countdown chain to Disney is almost gone and this is how we feel about it!

Being a ballerina is very demanding. She always falls asleep on our way home from dance class. Dance has been such a fun experience for the whole family. She is one of the youngest in the whole academy and it's so precious seeing her dance for a few seconds and then get distracted and do her own thing for the rest of the time ;) We tell her she must do two things: 1. Do your best and 2. Obey Ms. Moira (and have fun but we know she is doing that!) and as long as she does those things, we let the rest go. I love our tiny dancer!

Thursday our beloved Owen Theodore would have turned seven. We still miss him everyday. I absolutely love and can relate to the saying "Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong"-W.R. Purche. He was the best! 

We danced twice this week to get in extra practice for the upcoming recital. Daddy was in charge of her one afternoon when I couldn't be and he sent me this picture and I melted. I know she's mine and I'm biased but she's just a perfect angel. 

I want to give a huge shout out to my amazing husband for all he has done this week. I have been stretched between making plans for our trip, shopping for the trip, appointments, work obligations and the list goes on. He is such a hands-on dad and does whatever needs to be done. I also have a wonderful family that fills in the gaps and takes care of our babies when we need them to, I am so thankful for how they love them and help us on a daily basis. I have got it made in the support system department!

It's time! Disney World here we come! It's going to be a wild 48 hours getting packed, transported and settled in our resort but I cannot wait for all the fun!

If the forecasted weather holds up we have hit the jackpot! 

If you want to keep up with us next week throughout our Disney vacation, I will post daily (probably hourly ha!) on Instagram and probably upload to a Facebook album nightly. I will probably give the blog a rest until we come back and then I will overwhelm you with details and pictures because.....Disney :). 

See y'all in a week friends! Here we come, Mickey! 

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