Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter! Easter is just the best of everything-Jesus, weather (if you have a perfectly spring day like we did this year), food, fun things for the kids and tradition. It has become my favorite season and I'm already looking forward to hosting Easter lunch and coordinate my babes in their Easter frocks next year.

On Good Friday the babes and I stayed home and since I was able to coordinate naps (yay!) I finished up Jack's birthday party invitations. It's going to be a little crazy leading up to his party since we will be at Disney the first week of April but since we are having it catered at the Moore-Kent House I have been relieved of a lot of party duties. I just love his invitations so much. Can't wait to celebrate our little Jack rabbit!

Saturday was our annual egg hunt at church. Jack boy was very proud of his sister's eggs. He found a few himself but did more of throwing them out of the basket than putting them in. He will be an egg hunting machine by next year.

It never fails that egg hunt day is a crazy one. I forgot my Canon and we were running late, I just never seem to have it all together but she will never remember those things. She was just happy to be there! It was a good reminder to focus on what's important and not seek perfection. I know Jesus appreciates our mess and I'm thankful I am made perfect through his sacrifice! Hallelujah!

We were practicing for next week! I'm probably crazy for taking an almost one year old to Disney World but he is such a mommy's boy, I couldn't leave him behind. We're working on making him a good little traveler.

And then I hopped on Instagram to find that Tiny Tags had reposted my photo and it made me happy because this necklace was a Mother's Day gift last year and Jack plays with it when he is sleepy. I pretty much wear it 24/7. If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift, this would be perfect.

We came home from the egg hunt and did some more hunting in the yard before Jack's nap time. Sibling pictures didn't work out, they always do better when Mommy is in them.

Saturday afternoon Aunt Shanna came to pick up Georgia Grace so she could help them plant their garden. She had a big time and has her very own baby cabbage patch :) Her favorite part of the whole experience was getting muddy!

The first thing we heard on the monitor Sunday morning was, "Mommy the Easter Bunny's been here!". She was so happy to see what he brought her. Her favorite thing was her Cinderella night gown and a kite. She has been talking about kites lately and the bunny must have heard her.

Jacky had a basket full of goodies too! His favorite was boat bath toys and a bat and ball.

Our first Easter for two bunny deliveries. So thankful.

We went to our church's Easter service and then back home for Easter lunch at our house. This was our first year ever hosting Easter and I think considering the craziness of our lives with two littles everything came together nicely!

My mamaw's brother, sister-in-law and friend came down from Indiana to celebrate with us. I love this picture of her and the babes. Jack has spotted the strawberries.

It's funny how even the years that Easter comes early, we still manage to throw my birthday in with it. We will be at Disney World on my birthday so I'm not complaining. It's the best holiday to share a birthday with! A friend on IG noted that I have a strawberry cake every year. I think my mom and mamaw think its a rite of passage. I'm not complaining about that either!!

My sister and brother-in-law came up to be with us too. Georgia just loves Aunt Paige's belly and touches and talks to it all the time. She is ready for her new role as a big cousin!

Easter 2016
The best one of who knows how many. I am a blessed wife and mama.

I tried sibling pictures and that was just a no go. Georgia's face HAHA! Totally done at this point.

Jack's first Easter and his last first holiday. I just can't believe his first year is almost over. It has been perfect in so many ways. We love you our spring chick-a-dee!

I'm thankful for our long weekend that was filled with family, food, yardwork, egg hunts and Jesus. The tomb is empty and He is risen!

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