Sunday, March 13, 2016

Slow and Steady

This weekend was all about just staying home and resting. We did venture out a few times but we mostly stayed in and played and tried to have fun without tearing the house down :)

Miss pouty pants went from that to that in about 2.83 seconds Friday morning. She even said " I am mad at you again mom" HA! The girl world is a dramatic one.

Saturday I scheduled Easter pictures for the babes. I barely get our pictures professionally made at big age milestones so holiday pictures never happen but I am so glad we did these. I mean there was a baby lamb, I repeat-a baby lamb!

Georgia and "Snow White" became instant friends. Jack really loved him in the beginning but when I told him pulling and trying to bite his ears wasn't allowed, he was pretty much done with the whole event. So we had a solemn girl and a fiery boy but if the pictures turn out half as sweet as this, I'll be smitten. Thank you, Kasey Inman Photography!

You mean Snow White isn't coming home with us?!?

We decided wearing our UK attire was warranted after bringing home the SEC championship today! Happy 11 months (yesterday) to our future wildcat. If you need me, you can find me sobbing in the corner about the fact this is our last first year monthly picture. So emotional about this. (I will do a full post this week, sorry brother bear! #secondchildprob)

Well that was a super short weekend! It seems the slower the weekend (for activities), the faster it goes. And springing forward is always good in the long run but that first week is tough. The babes were not sleepy at bedtime tonight. Georgia even went down and then was back up eating peanut butter and honey at 10 o'clock. I bet she will be fresh as a daisy in the morning ;)

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