Friday, March 18, 2016

March Gladness

I'm punching out a blog post and heading to bed to rest up from a tiring but fun week. It always takes us about a week to recover from daylight savings, this year is no exception.

I have never been but have wanted to go for a long time. When I saw the fair was coming to Nashville, Rachel and I were all in! Ree Drummond was at the Atlanta Fair so I'm holding out hope Joanna Gaines might stop by :) #fixerupperfangirl

Porch days are here. An early spring is my jam! Also, those pear trees in the background. I LOVE when they are bloomed and wish the blooms would last longer. Our cherry trees started budding this week and it made me so excited. I can tell I am getting older when I get excited over my plants blooming ha!

Georgia Grace was hunting Easter eggs with Daddy and he helped himself to her rocking chair. I think we need to buy another one this spring.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day AKA the most fun day of the year at Grandmomma's house! Jack was the first victim of Leo the Leoprachaun. I think he liked it.

That picture made me think about this picture. I don't see how it's been three years. Baby girl wasn't as thrilled about the trick he did to her.

Both my babies came home with green goodies from the day. Georgia found four gold coins which is equivalent to pure gold in her eyes. So precious! They had green toilet water, green corn and green cornbread. I told you it was the most fun day! And like always, the leoprachaun got away again this year ;)

A close-up of my little leprechaun. Such a sweet, genuine smile on my beautiful girl. 

A few of our Easter pictures came back this week. This one just has me completely swooning. Georgia has been asking when we can go back to visit the lamb. Maybe it's time for farm life Daddy?!?

Little brother playing pat a cake. I see so much of my papaw in this picture <3

I don't post a video in a year and now I have posted three in a week! This boy is absolutely crazy about strawberries! I think he is trying to say strawberry in the video and I wish I had recorded his excitement when he saw the whole flat of strawberries I had bought! The boy loves to eat.

And the highlight reel of the week-Jack took his first steps!! I guess he decided it was time to put those long legs to good use (we hope we are growing a D1 athlete). He learned all on his own since his mommy refused to start this any earlier than we had to. Way to go Jack boy!

I love that he was taking steps and sticking his paci in his mouth at the same time ha! Sister was very proud of him but was ready for the attention to be back on her after this :) She is first born and I'm humble enough to admit she's just like her momma at her age.

What a fun, reviving and exciting week. The college basketball tournament started (and UK won), we had several 65-75 degree days, Jack hit a big milestone and two weeks until we are Disney bound! These are the best days.

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