Friday, March 4, 2016

Marching On

I am not sure how a week's time has elapsed since I blogged last. I am sure having two kids three years and under had something to do with it ;) Nevertheless it has been a good week and here is a mini recap:

Despite the weather still being cool, our weekends have been so nice! Saturday we decided to venture out for some spring shopping. I have a confession-I am crazy about Easter décor. It's just as bad if not worse than Christmas for me. Maybe because my birthday is always close (or on) Easter and now Jack's will be too but it's just my favorite. Give me all the white, ceramic bunnies! Also give me these two bunnies who were shopping angels.

Ignore the sad face because I wasn't blowing to cool it off quick enough and let me redirect you to the reason I'm posting this picture. Georgia has a new favorite food-shrimp. She eats it better than anything. She has been eating so well lately, I'm hoping she is in the middle of a growth spurt.

Real life y'all. Not even going to try to deny it. Some days you just aren't feeling it. #mamatried

But he was feeling it after his spaghetti supper! This was an accidental picture taken as we were heading upstairs for an immediate bath and it's just the best.

I bet y'all didn't know my husband had a secret talent of barbering. My SIL and BIL gave him a barber's chair as an early birthday gift. He started by cutting Jake's hair and has expanded to other family members. Keagen was super proud of his cut. He really can do it all!

Monday was leap day. An "extra day" in our calendar. Although it was a business as usual kind of day, it was a great one filled with warm weather, sunshine and entertainment from my sweet babies.

We hit the 30 day mark this week. I've already started packing because that's just how excited I am. We talk about it everyday and have watched some videos of some of the rides. I really hope Georgia does well with all the rides she is tall enough for. We have never even taken her to an amusement park (she has been to our county fair) so it will be a "whole new world". Oh Disney, you own me :)

Baby gates at both ends of the steps were doctor's orders for this active boy. He doesn't really care that they are there, he just wants to be where I am ha! I can't even tell you how big of a mommy's boy he is.

Does anyone know how to train a child to be a morning person? I am not one but would love to instill it in Georgia. I'm afraid she has too much of me in her to overcome it though. Every morning when we wake her up she says "Just a few more minutes!". With attitude. She loves preschool but doesn't like her sleep being messed with.

Just a little PSA: If you're in the Bowling Green area and have children, you need to shop the Lil Angel's Attic sale Friday and Saturday! You name it, it's there. All proceeds go to charity. I shopped tonight because I volunteer and consign the sale and found things for Georgia, Jack and my soon-to-be nephew Bo!

Tonight these two headed out for another daddy daughter date. They went to eat, Target and Toys R Us. She got to pick out one toy and she picked a ballerina Barbie. She is eat up with dance right now. This relationship is so strong and I pray we always nurture it so it remains ever present and sound in her life.

TGIF! Happy weekend! Happy 60 degree days on the way!

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