Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

It is officially spring but we have a cold spell here in Kentucky after a week of 70 degree weather so it doesn't feel anything like spring. But next weekend for Easter it looks like we will be back in the 70's so I guess we can deal with this nonsense. I knew I put my coats up too early :)

The Easter pictures we had taken last weekend came back and they are precious. I don't have that many of Jack because he wasn't really feeling it but he will have one year pictures made soon.

I think she looks like a baby model in this one. It's perfect.

But I love the smiling ones the best! My happy baby girl!

Jack made a little appearance when the lamb came out. He left the scene when I told him he couldn't pull and bite his ears ;) Look at the hand holding!!

This will probably be framed and cherished forever. Thank you, Kasey Inman Photography!

Sunday we went to church and then to our friend Chloe's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The last time I had been to CEC was when I was probably seven but I don't think one thing had changed ha! She had a blast of course. I had the purell out every 15 minutes.

Sweet girlfriends enjoying pizza and a Peppa Pig cake with the birthday girl.

BFFs Georgia and Callyn. They sure love each other!

After the party we went to Aldi for groceries but came out with a cart full of $5.99 hydrangeas and azaleas instead. No way I could pass that up. Sister girl helped me pick them out.

My beautiful bunnies. They were so fired up when I took this picture, they love playing on our bed. And I'm thinking Jack's hair is starting to look like a presidential candidate's ;)

What a difference one year makes. I love comparing pictures. There has been so much growth and maturity from 2015 to 2016.

And then I ended my weekend with this. Jack goes to bed early (6:30-7) if he doesn't have a pm nap so I asked Georgia if she wanted to help me give him his nightly bottle and put him to bed. She was so smitten. He stared at her the whole time. Their sibling bond is something so special that I am privileged to be able to watch grow. The sweet look on her face just says it all!

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