Friday, March 25, 2016

Holy Week

There are few weeks that are as exciting to me as Holy Week. This week is filled with holy week services, easter egg hunts and other spring activities that lead up to the main event on Sunday.

We have tried really hard to teach Georgia Grace that Easter is about Jesus, not the Easter bunny. She seems to be at the perfect age where the bunny really entices her and we want to establish early that that is a fun detail of the holiday but we are really celebrating the resurrection of our savior, That is a hard concept when you're three. And we have been so aggravated at the commercials on TV advertising "Easter toys"?!? Since when do we give toys for Easter? I'm not sure but we are doing our part to keep Easter simple and about Jesus. That's really all that matters anyway!

Our Cats were sent home in the second round of the NCAA tournament but my boys still love to watch the ballgames. Don't let this fool you though, Jack sitting still and watching television lasted about 5 seconds.

Georgia was such a clean and neat eater. He is making up for having it so easy with her. All the foods that he LOVES are messy. This is a mixture of strawberries and blackberries. I am afraid he is going to be a stained burgundy color! He is earning a nightly bath these days immediately after supper.

It's time to apply the self tanner (found here) and wear the wedges, or strawberry sandals if you're Georgia Grace. We are not always this cheerful in the mornings so I thought we better document!

Sister helped me pick up sticks in the yard so Daddy could begin mowing season. Then we washed our hands and put on a tutu for ballet class. We are growing a well-rounded girl!

Thursday was the annual AKK easter egg hunt! Every preschooler brings in a dozen boiled eggs and they color the eggs during their morning work time. I LOVE that they use real eggs.

Well what do you know, she is coloring hers orange! :)

And then it's time to hunt them! Georgia won the 2-3 year old group with 18 eggs found. I'm so proud of her!

Every picture they sent us she is giving an ultimate serious face or looking down in a hard search. She meant serious egg hunting business.

Tomorrow for Good Friday we have a fun day at home planned coloring more eggs, doing some party planning for Jack's birthday, hopefully going for a stroller ride if the weather is nice and getting everything ready for Easter Sunday. We are hosting some of my family this year and we have a lot to do to get ready for it.

Enjoy the Easter weekend, He is risen!

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