Monday, April 11, 2016

The Night Before One

My baby boy Jack,
One year ago tomorrow I was walking our driveway at 2am trying to labor as long as I could at home before heading to the hospital to deliver what I knew would be our big, strong boy. You were punctual and had decided your due date would be the day you entered the world. It was a long ten months and we were so very ready to finally meet you.

Fast forward 365 days and here we are celebrating your first year of life. I can't even begin to describe how perfectly you settled in as baby brother to our new family of four. Your newborn days were easy and breezy which was exactly what this mommy needed as I tried to navigate taking care of two babies at the same time. You made my job easy.

You have shown us how different two babies can be despite being raised by the same parents. You are our aggressive, energetic child that also loves to be cuddled and babied. You have two opposite sides but they both fit you and make you perfectly Jack. You like your naps shorts and night sleeps long. You prefer life sans clothes and your favorite person in the world is me. We call you the president of the mama's boy club :)

You keep us on our toes with your demanding nature and rambunctious ways. I have a feeling broken bones and bloody accidents are part of your future. You are all boy.

You are super smart and catch on to things fast. And you have the best example leading you in Georgia Grace. Her love for you is so strong and she always makes sure that your needs are being met. She's the first to tell mommy if Jack is crying. She is your best friend and I pray that she always will be. I know one of the greatest gifts we could give you and your sister is each other.

This year has gone by too quickly, but I have learned and matured as a mother because of you. The little trials that panicked me with Georgia Grace don't bother me like they once did. The second time around you are privileged to have a calmer, cooler mother than what your sister had. You don't have as many perks of being second born but this is definitely one of them :)

You love your people and let anyone hold you and take care of you. You sure know how to win over a crowd! You have already traveled to the beach and Disney World and you love to go and do. 

You jabber (words-mama, dada, ball, bye, hi, ba ba), clap, have taken steps, climb everything and eat like a champ. Your favorite foods are eggs, strawberries, whole peas (not baby food peas), cheese and tortillas. You still take your bottle and we are slowly weaning you to whole milk. You love your wubbanub paci and we already know that will be hard for you to give up.

We pray for you everyday. Your life is so precious to us and we only want the best for you that we know only comes through Him. 

Happy first birthday, Jack Porter Harrison. You have stolen our hearts and balanced our pink with blue like nobody else could. We are all just crazy about you and so thankful God chose us for you. 


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