Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Disney World 2016: Day 3-Hollywood Studios

Just as we did for our Magic Kingdom day, we were up early in order to arrive at Hollywood Studios 30 minutes before opening. We are wanna-be morning people but we really aren't so this was a sacrifice to be up, fed, dressed and at the park at 8:30 but it made the rest of the day go smoother so we sucked it up and did it :)

I just love baby Jack's expression in this one. He was ready to see some shows!

I love how the adults are doing what the photographer requested and the kids are like, "ehh" HA!

Our first fast pass was for Toy Story Midway Mania, it was a fun ride and I'm so glad we fast passed because the line was crazy, even on a lighter crowd day.

Georgia and Jack were all about the shows and Little Mermaid was Georgia's favorite of all. I don't think she blinked the entire time. She is now mermaid obsessed and told me she doesn't want to be a dentist anymore, just a mermaid :)

Hollywood Studios has a lot of great shows and both Georgia and Jack loved Disney Jr. Live On Stage. They got to see Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins and our favorite, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. There was a lot of fun sensory effects and we sat in the floor so they liked that. Aunt Ash took lots of good care of baby Jack on our trip!

There was Star Wars events everywhere! I've never even seen one movie/episode (I don't even know what to call it ha!) so this wasn't really interesting to us but seeing this walk by was pretty neat.

We left HS around 11:15 and headed to the Contemporary Resort to Chef Mickey's, a character dining lunch featuring the classic Disney gang. We had never been to "the resort with the monorail running through it" but always wanted to so this was the perfect reason.

It was a buffet and we were starving so we may have made 3, 4, 5 trips through the line! This was one of the dessert bars. And there's the monorail coming through behind it.

Another PhotoPass picture that melted me. She hopped right up there by the Mickey statue and posed just like this. This was such a fun experience for her!

We ate our lunch and as we were finishing up the characters started to make their way to our table. First up was Goofy who taught Georgia Grace a dance move or two.

This picture captures a three year old's first Disney World experience. She was just smitten with the characters and it's written all over her sweet face.

Mickey was next! He was energetic and playful, they communicate so well without speaking words.

Jack was catching a nap but still received a visit from Mickey. Mickey won me over when he did that!

More autographs for her autograph book which she thought was super cool

Donald came over next and was a lot of fun

Minnie is Georgia's favorite so she couldn't wait to meet her!

Georgia blinked but I still love this picture of the girls

Eskimo kisses, with Minnie Mouse, at Disney World. Does it get any better?

Jack woke up just in time to meet the last character, Pluto. He was a hoot and gave Jack a big lick with his tongue :)

After Chef Mickey's, we decided to take the babes for a ride on the monorail. I remember riding the monorail when I was a little girl and it sticks out as vividly in my mind as any of the rides. I always feel like I'm on an episode of the Jetson's. We also loved being able to wheel the stroller right on the monorail without folding it and then we said we hoped we could stay in a resort with monorail access our next trip :) We better start saving now!!

We headed back to HS for the afternoon/evening and snapped a quick picture with Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Ash. They coordinated their Disney vacation so they could be down there to share the magic with us and they were a huge help. They love my babies like their own and they are the best friends you could ask for. 

I scheduled a little fun for mommy and daddy too and had fast passes for Tower of Terror. This ride is just the best and Marcus had never rode it so I was excited for him to experience it. Rhonda had a fast pass too so we all screamed and wanted to vomit together. 

Both babes kicked back and napped in the shade while we rode. I'll mention it more later but I have never loved my stroller more than I did on this trip. It's hands down the best double stroller out there and the babes made it look super comfy.

After that we had fast passes for the live performance of Beauty and the Beast which was spectacular. We got such a kick out of Gaston! 

Georgia Grace and Echo Lake.

We ate supper at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. You talk about hilarious! When it was our time to be seated, the hostess shouted, "Harrison kids, come eat! Marcus, dinner's ready!" HA! The whole restaurant looked like it came straight off the Wonder Years set. I was in heaven.

I really wanted to stay for Fantasmic but everyone was tired including the babies so we decided that would be something we could see when they were older. It was another fun day at Disney!

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