Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tops On Top

Saturday we had the opportunity to go watch the WKU vs. Navy game with our dear friends Ashley and James. Oh my goodness it was the perfect day for football. Plus we had awesome seats, food, and company. We were so glad they invited us and that we were free so we could go!

I looked for some Hilltopper gear for Georgia Grace and nothing I found thrilled me so I made her this onesie. It is adorable on her! Her little poochy belly fills it out nicely :) I tried to get a picture of her before the game with her mini football but the rocks in the landscaping won this battle...

"Put me in, Petrino"! I took this as she was standing up and it looks like she is getting down in position. Such a mess.

There's my sweet girl smiling for the camera. Oh my gracious she melts me!

Not only was the weather great but the game was too. We won 19-7! It was such an exciting game. We got to see old friends and meet some new people too. The dorm you see in this picture (Minton Hall) was my dorm when I stayed at WKU. I do not miss that living arrangement!

The hubs and me enjoying our seats in the Topper Club. James and Ashley are members so we got to join them and it was amazing! WKU has really stepped it up in the ballgame experience department.
(It was Military Appreciation Day so that's why I'm holding a random flag)

Ashley and me. I told her she looked like my little sis in this picture with my heels on and, well let's just say it, large and in charge top half HA! Motherhood folks. It changes you (sometimes for the better!).

Silly ol' EKU grad, WKU c/o '08, WKU c/o '09, and WKU c/o '10

The only one of us that remembered their towel and he waved it proudly

So this picture was a lot of fun!

We decided Georgia Grace would have a better time at home so Grandma Harrison kept her for us. I think from the pictures I received that she found plenty to get into. Every day is like a field trip for her! I'm so thankful for family that want and enjoy keeping her for us while we do mommy and daddy things.

We've had a great weekend but it's back to work tomorrow and tomorrow baby girl will be 11 months old! I need October to pass by VERY slowly please.

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