Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Savoring September

Fall technically doesn't start until the 22nd but with the arrival of September I consider my favorite season has arrived! And with fall comes the anticipation of the holidays and cooler weather. My goal for this month is to savor the picture perfect weather and less busy schedule before we are all indoors and running around like banshees. Here are a few pictures of us savoring September-

"Before you know it she'll be off driving the Camaro" was the caption for this picture I received from my MIL. I am in love with this picture! This was her daddy's car when he turned 16 so it is definitely special to us. She looks so serious behind that wheel. Like she's seriously considering taking off. Dream on, baby girl!
Her favorite thing to do right now is make messes. She had just went through her entire diaper bag in this picture. Yesterday I was needing to do some things without her help  so I put her in her crib with her diaper bag and she went to town. Thirty minutes of housework completed-score!

Loving on gammy and looking extra tall after our flu shot last week. She sure loves her gammy!

Aunt Paigey gifted Georgia Grace with a shopping cart for Christmas last year and I pulled it out of storage this week. It has been a big hit! Here she is after a recent shopping trip for groceries and diapers-just like mommy :) She must be taking notes.

Cheering on cousin Keagen at his junior pro football game. We have gotten so much wear out of the bear/wildcat paw onesie Aunt Rachel made her. We are squeezing in it until the snaps pop ha!

A recent squirrel hunt for my papaw, dad, and Marcus warranted a picture with the boss. She was tickled if you can't tell. And sporting some epic bedhead :)

And Marcus with some of his kiddos after their game on Tuesday. They were SO happy he came. Melted my heart.

Happy hump day. I am running on fumes after a rough few nights of sleep. Extra caffeine is in order!

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