Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

We officially said goodbye to summer this weekend by enjoying some of the warmest weather we have had all year. To have had such a mild June and July, August has been HOT (actually it  probably hasn't been hotter than the average August but we got use to 70-80 degree days so we turned into wimps ha!).
Saturday football in the bluegrass kicked off with my alma mater and the  U of K battling each other. And for the second year in a row the Tops poured it to the Big Blue. This game is SOOOOO hard for me. I want both teams to do well so I have a hard time seeing one of them lose. I will always support the Hilltoppers but I was raised a SEC girl and will always bleed blue! We thought about going to the game but we were glad we decided to watch from home. 105 degrees and Georgia Grace do not mix ha! But my sister and brother went and said it was awesome! Hopefully the Tops can knock down Rocky Top next week and UK can get back to the drawing board...It was definitely Dear Old Westerns' day!

Georgia Grace really enjoyed doing a lot of "reading" this weekend. She would be playing in her nursery and I would peep in on her and she would be flipping through all of her hard books. The touch and feel books are her favorite. Future Valedictorian???

Sunday night our friends the Noble's had us over for dinner. GGH loved playing with Barrett and Reed. And they are SO good with her. They are her AKK buddies so they already have a close bond. They included her in everything they did and she even came home with a stuffed bear that they didn't play with anymore :)

A little fort playing! She had a ball playing with all of their toys and letting them entertain her. She definitely fit in with the boys no problem. It was a great night-wonderful food and great company. We are blessed with this friendship!

And Sunday and Monday this is where we spent the majority of our time. The Hidden Valley Golf Resort  pool is finally open!!

And it was perfect timing too because my sister was in from Frankfort and my brother was home from Wichita.

Georgia Grace loved splashing in her pool with Uncle Eric! Her ears are still not completely healed so we kept her out of the big pool. We brought Owen with us since everything is gated in so she enjoyed watching him and his pool craziness.

My mom had one request and that was that the pool would be open for Labor Day weekend and they made it happen! It was the perfect Labor Day weekend. Such a sweet memory to end summer on!

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