Sunday, July 21, 2013

Outdoor Weekend

We had a fun week/weekend enjoying the beautiful weather we were blessed with. It finally feels like July here in Kentucky.

Thursday night we went to grams for homemade pizza and a little nighttime skinny dipping (Georgia Grace only). My girl is a water baby. She loves pools and baths and she really loves gram's kiddie pool that is like a pool/bath combo for her. It has a shallow end (6-8 inches deep I would guess) and a deep end (18-24 inches). Granddad built the pool himself several years ago for AKK and it's so stinkin' cute! She can sit on her own in the shallow end and ride in a float in the deep end. This girl is never lacking entertainment!

Friday night we went to Music at the Mural. We helped paint the mural back in April  and we enjoy supporting our community and their efforts to make our town fun and thriving. Georgia Grace had fun playing in the grass and crawling off the blanket. We called it an early night for bedtime but we had fun listening to the talented musicians while we were there.

Saturday morning my mom, mamaw, Georgia Grace and myself went to Bowling Green to shop and to meet Marcus for lunch [he's taking a weekend class for his Rank I certification. He's not happy about it but he loves his professor and the class only meets 4 times so he's finding the silver lining and bearing down.] Saturday afternoon we spontaneously threw a trip to the lake together with the Ross' while my mom kept GGH for us. We had never been to their lake cabin before but trust us this will not be our last time!

It's seriously the cutest lake cabin ever. Just look at that fireplace-swoon! There's a big back porch with an amazing view and an adorable dock that we spent most of the day on.

The weather was perfect. We explored their ancestor's homesteads and did a little fishing.

We had such a great time and can't wait to go back. We had planned on eating at a fantastic fish place later that night but they closed early and then I got a call from mom on our way home that Georgia was not feeling well. 

I was fearful that she might be teething again because she had a runny nose that morning and was chewing on everything. I think mom and Stan had a rough time trying to take care of her and I hated seeing her not feeling well and that I had not been there to take care of her. When we got her home she woke up two times through the night but went right back to sleep. I stayed home from church with her today and she seems to be feeling better. No fever, just feels bad and has a runny nose. The verdict is still out if it is teething symptoms or her 1st sickness. Time will tell.

Even though the end of the weekend hasn't been great we still had fun enjoying the outdoors. We have already planned another lake trip next weekend for Marcus' birthday! Hopefully our baby will get to feeling better. I hate to see my sugar girl down.

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