Sunday, April 14, 2013

Painting, Partying, & Pitching

Saturday afternoon we went to a very neat event that was happening in our small town. The Butler County Arts Guild sponsored a lady to come draw and paint a mural that depicted specific scenes unique to our area. I was excited when I heard about it and knew it was a memory I wanted to remember with Georgia Grace.

Georgia Grace was even able to help paint the mural! They were great about letting anyone who wanted to help pick up a paintbrush and join the fun.

The finished mural! The courthouse, catfish, Rochester Dam, school mascot, tractors, and historic churches are just some of the things included in the design. I am proud of our town for allowing the citizens to partake in something we can all enjoy for many years to come.

Later that day we went to a birthday party for our AKK friends Erica and Kypton! The theme was Princesses and Pirates which was perfect for twins. Alicia did a wonderful job with all the decorations and details! My friend Juleah who lives in Pittsburgh was in town and got to see Georgia-she threatened to not give her back when I let her hold her ha! It was great getting to see her and catch up on life.

The cutest bunch of princesses and pirates in all the land! Georgia was actually not happy during this event and Erica and Reece were consoling her-so sweet!

We snapped a picture with the birthday girl princess Erica and Raeleigh Jane as we were leaving. These two are both AKK's that love Georgia very much. I am so glad she has sweet little friends like these two to grow up with!
Saturday night we went to the Hot Rods game where my brother threw out the first pitch! His fraternity raised money for the Kelley Autism Program and they asked the president to be the honorary pitcher. Georgia Grace loves Uncle Cody if you can't tell!

It was a fun game-the Hot Rods won! Georgia Grace did great which I am so thankful for because we are hopefully taking her to a Reds game next week!

I'm thankful for our weekends full of memories.

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