Saturday, April 20, 2013


We returned home yesterday from a fun trip to Cincinnati. And I realized I lied in my earlier post-we went to Cinci in 2010 for a Reds game-oops! Playing my mommy brain card for that one.

Let me just say that Georgia was the absolute BEST baby the WHOLE trip. We ran into a snag Thursday morning as there was a 3 hour window of time before Marcus could check in the room (I was at my conference). Daddy and daughter made the most of their time and did some shopping and ate at Cracker Barrel. He is such a hands-on daddy. I am beyond blessed.

Thursday night we had dinner at the Riverview 360 Restaurant that was at the top of our hotel. It offers spectacular views of Cincinnati and Covington, the "southern side of Cincinnati". Georgia Grace had a big time looking at all the sights!

How big does she look sitting in that highchair?!? Too big in my opinion. And she has realized what we are doing when we are eating and I think she is super jealous ha! You can see the lights on at the Great American Ballpark to the right. We had intentions of catching the Reds game but it was windy and we'd had a big day so we opted out. Just an excuse to visit again!

Later that night we took a trolley ride through the city just for fun. Georgia made some friends on the ride. She is a major ham.

If you're wondering how Owen did while we were gone I think this picture explains it. He stayed at Rolling Oaks Farm with Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna and had the time of his life. He loves the country. She sent a picture of him curled up in the bed with them. S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

Friday after my conference concluded we went to Newport On The Levee for lunch and to go to the famous Newport Aquarium. I was afraid we were going to be wasting our money since she is so young but she loved it!

Of course she had to wear her lobster romper. And unfortunately the temperature dropped back to zero (not really but it felt like it) so we had to wear a cardigan (patting myself on the back for remembering to pack one) and socks instead of our strappy white sandals. Really spring?

Warning: lots of pictures, if you're bored you might just want to skip this part :).
We watched a scuba diving show with sharks! It was pretty neat.

Marcus' favorite part-the sea turtles

Georgia watching the shark show. She kind of has an uneasy look on her face. I probably did too ha!

A Georgia, mommy, and shark selfie! My head is sort of hiding Spike the shark but oh well. We would put Georgia up to the glass and when a fish swam by she would get excited and start kicking her feet like she was swimming with them! 

It's a stare-off.

My favorite part-the otters. They were so fun and playful!

In love with this picture. Daddy and baby in the Crocodile Jungle! 

The penguins were just so precious I had to get a picture. We've all seen pictures of penguins but these were the cutest :)

And she's out. She fell asleep during the very last exhibit so we timed it just right!

After we left the aquarium and before heading home, we met up with our good friends John and Mary Beth. Are they not the cutest couple alive? Really though.

 John and Marcus became friends during their WKU days and Mary Beth and I met through them. Georgia really does love them despite her face in this picture ha! It was a long day and she was past over it. And I think Georgia and John called each other to plan their outfits :)

Silly girl practicing her talent for Miss America as Mary Beth called it :)

[See, told you she was done]
It was SO great to see them while we were visiting the area. We sure wish they lived closer, hopefully someday they will! What a wonderful reunion!

It was a good conference, we have an easy-to-travel-with baby, we saw some neat sights, AND got to see precious friends. This trip was good for the soul!

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