Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Georgia is Six Months Old!

Georgia-you are SIX months old! Halfway to one. You can stop growing up so fast anytime now. Here is what the past month has looked like for you: 
  • You are probably around 16 pounds and 26 inches long. We go for your 6 month well baby check next Tuesday. This will be your last doses of shots until your 1 year check. Mommy is definitely not mad about that!
  • You are wearing mostly 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers. You can still wear some 3-6 month onesies. I have noticed your feet have really started growing because the heel of all of your cute "shoe socks" are covering your arch instead of your heel now ha!
  • Eyes=dark blue. A friend told me her baby's eyes did not turn brown until she was one year old so who knows what will happen!

  • Your hair remains dark, long and slightly wavy. If it dries on its own it kinks up into cute curls! Your bangs are in your eyes pretty bad. There's no way we are making it to 1 year before having a haircut!
  • If your belly is full, you sleep through the night no problem. I always put you down on your back but by morning you are usually on your belly and in a totally different part of the crib from where we laid you.
  • You continue to take 5-6 6 oz breastmilk bottles per day and 1-2 servings of oatmeal cereal at night with a spoon. You enjoy your oatmeal cereal more so than the rice cereal but you have to be in the mood for it or you become more interested in trying to get your hand in the bowl and playing in it. Such a mess! Occasionally we will give you some fruit in the teething feeder which you LOVE.
    Today we celebrated your 6 month birthday by letting you try baby food for the first time. That was an experience! I will devote a post to that, I'll just say both of our nights ended in the bathtub...
  • You love to go and do. I think you get bored when we just chill at home sometimes. I see a social butterfly in the making.
  • You are CONSTANTLY moving! Even when you are taking your bottle you are wiggling. You are like a worm in hot ashes! Your grandma says your daddy was just like this. I am glad you are baby #1 so we still have energy to keep up ha!
  • You still take your paci some but when you are done with it you will pull it out of your mouth and chew on it or just hold it. Miss Independent!

  • You can bring yourself up on all fours using your elbows so I suspect you will be crawling in no time.
  • You went on your first overnight trip this month and you were a rockstar traveler! Mommy and daddy were so thrilled because we love to travel and we want you to see the world with us.
  • As of last night you are sitting up on your own! Mommy and Georgia were playing in the floor with blocks at Gram's house and I just slowly moved away from you and you kept sitting there like it was no big deal. You are awesome babycakes!
  • You love your jeep walker, "exploring" on your changing table, strolling, and when people come to visit you. Life is really fun right now!

    I look forward to waking up everyday and being your mommy! We are crazy in love with you! It has been a half of a year of pure joy.

Look at you grow! Happy 1/2 birthday baby girl!

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