Friday, May 3, 2013


We had our first experience with baby food Tuesday. If someone were to have been grading us, we would have got a big fat F.
Here is where we went wrong:
1. I tried to make her first batch of baby food and it was too thick. I should have just bought some until I was comfortable and familiar with the consistencies.
2. We fed her too big of bites. She literally gagged on the first two bites! We made them smaller after that but the damage was done and then poor baby spewed. We have it on video, we will look back and laugh at this whole fiasco!
As far as the peas themselves I think she will eat them now that we have everything else figured out. Talk about being "green" parents. We will keep trying and keep learning as we go. Georgia Grace-if you are reading this sometime down the road mommy and daddy are sorry you are firstborn and have to endure our poor parental navigation! But your brothers/sisters will be thankful ha!

We were too rapped up in the pea event to get any pictures but I took this one yesterday morning of my two hungry babies. Owen will eat anything including Georgia's oatmeal cereal. He was even trying to intercept some of the bites! And then while I was cleaning her up he gladly gave the bumbo a good cleaning for me. Such a good big brother :)
(In case you were wondering I re-cleaned the bumbo, I appreciate his effort though ha! And yes he needs a haircut.)

Silly doggy brother

So I mentioned we have a big sitting-up-on-her-own girl on our hands and here are some pictures to prove it! Within a couple of times of sitting up on her own she was doing it for several minutes straight just like it was no big deal. She seems to be a quick study and I am so proud of that. Beauty and brains :)

Last night we went to watch cousin Brennan compete at his tennis match. The weather was perfect and we were ready to get outdoors.

My little ham putting on a show at the match. She really drew a crowd with her squeals and giggles! We kept reminding her this was a tennis match and that wasn't appropriate but she is strong-willed and didn't care. I'm kind of with her on that one, sometimes you need to liven up the event! Several people have commented that she looks like Marcus in this picture.

We have also concluded that she has very small feet. No shoes that I buy fit her! These crochet baby Gap shoes were adorable but we kept having to put them back on her. Of course she took it upon herself to remove them several times but they were too big anyway. I may have a shoeless child this summer!

Tomorrow is DERBY! We love Derby. Never been but it's on my list. It always makes me proud to be a Kentuckian when I hear "My Old Kentucky Home" the first Saturday in May.

Yay for the weekend!

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